3x3s here

3x3s here

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Based fellow cultured shounenchad

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinju's first season was pretty superb, but I don't think I could bring myself to rewatch the second season knowing how it all ends.

3x3 thread? 3x3 it is.

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First time I see Shin-chan in a 3x3

Must be your first time here.

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2/4, escaflowne is beautiful but I could never get into it
she cute

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More than solid taste, is there another series that excels in anachronism more than samurai champloo? The only one that comes to mind it infinite ryvius having the DJ scratches/urban hip hop vibe littered throughout the show.

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same guy here with manga

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Good taste

kiichi couldve been here if someone actually bothered to translate vs, but alas, it doesnt appeal discord trannies so it wont get a consistent team

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worthless grid

gayest grid I've seen in a long time

post yours nigger

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4/4 Would probably be 9/9 if I read them all.

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I don't understand those who put Berserk as a huge favorite. The series peaked and has been on a steady roll down a hill since Casca took Griffith's demon semen.

I think that's why everyone puts Berserk (1997) as their favorite

i dont know how you want me to respond user. at the end of the day its not like me saying "but its good!!!" is going to change your mind, or vice versa. i just like it, thats all

But you can't invalidate the rest of the series just because no animator wants to go through the trouble of animating Berserk the Walking Simulator after the Hawks are wrecked.

I just want to understand how you put it over other series that are either consistently good from start to finish or that have peaks and valleys. Berserk hasn't had another peak in damn near 20 years.

thats just your opinion though user. i personally thought every arc was a 10, although out of all of them golden age was still my favourite

Berserk got a lot better after the Eclipse.