One Piece

What happened to Koby's confidence?

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Can't imagine why anyone thought he had a chance

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just busted a massive load to kiku, approx 1.2x more than average

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"What was the purpose of Yamato?"
Well, let's discuss facts.

Fact: Oda didn't forget Carrot.
Many think he did, but he drew a specific scene with her, in the same chapter the SH left their goodbyes to their beloved companions and Yamato.

Fact: Carrot isn't insignificant enough to not deserve goodbyes.
Carrot travelled with the SH for +200 Chapters. In global popularity poll, she made the Top 10. She was important enough to be made Zou's leader, a country so intimately tied with Wano and the lore of JoyBoy. If she was insignificant, Oda wouldn't have given her a scene where the Dukes appoint her a leader, instead he'd have given us a cover story showing her as the new Duchess.

Fact: Oda gave Carrot all the reasons to join.
Oda went out of his way to show us crew interactions with Carrot, unique personality traits and quirks, to establish her as a unique and competent, but not overpowered fighter, with a powerful yet well-balanced gimmick. He then specifically had Pedro die, later making sure we know She inherited his will. (To bring about the Dawn of the World)

Fact: Carrot's contributions were NOT very important in WCI/Wano.
Oda could've cut Carrot out with some minor tweaks and the result would have been the same. So, this time we ask "What was the purpose of Carrot?"

Fact: Oda hid Carrot from us, replacing her with Yamato.
In Wano, Carrot all but vanished, AFTER Oda had established her as a potential new Strawhat candidate. He then brought in Yamato, a flashy character with such a concept it seemed like she was made to grab your attention. The backstory, unique devil fruit, design, connections to Ace, CoC, Kaido's son... She was a Nakamafaggot's wet dream. But she didn't join. Why? What WAS her purpose?

Yamato was a red herring.

Oda brought in Yamato specifically to distract. To make you think she'd join. Her entire existence was fanservice, merchandise and most importantly, to make you forget Carrot.
Oda didn't forget. He just tried to make sure you did.

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Hancock took his semen because she thought he was Luffy

How long until leaks?

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Haki, cringe or based?

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Could Wang Zhi end being Teach's tenth captain?

I believe in Carrot

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Why not more?

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Insanely based, what scenario/picture got you there?

Uta will appear soon

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Post Cute and Canon

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>yeah yeah I get it but...

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Reminder that Zimbabwe has also recognised carrots strength.

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Post comfy.

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anyway, Smoothie > Maria

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Retcon Piece

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Fuck i miss the Kroomer, hope he comes back soon.

Nothing. Alco? Koby is Cute.

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Smoothie, Praline and Amande are amazing, but I feel like people ignore Cinnamon too much. They're all top tier, though.

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She was wrong

Why is he so beaten up? He didn't even fight Hancock or BB

We got him....

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cCnamon is ugly to me

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Why should I care about Uta when no one has posted her feet?

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source now!!!

He was expecting Hancock to lose to the dick, not realizing that Hancock already lost to Luffy's dick.

>everything a character says all of the time is 100% true
>all characters are omniscient about all events that are happening in their world

Pre-school level of critical thinking and story analysis

I really don't get why people keep memeing koby as strong.
>but he trained with garp
yeah and he was weaker than average human kids at the time. even usopp could probably kick his ass. all that training probably only just puts him at east blue luffy levels of power. so he's still a chump in the new world

Post THAT pic

He fought the Kuja, they've been there for over a week.

Pussy foot maneuver?

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the illnes is literally leaving the kingdom to hunt dick around the world
Shakky did it, Hancock will do it

It is metaphorical death because they talk about love. Shakky "died" for Rayleigh's dark king if you know what I mean.

Were you one of those many idiots who seriously thought he had even a chance at capturing Hancock? People really underselling her and most of the Shichibukai.

Say please

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learn to rule34, newfag

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even smoker is more likeable than this little shit

sex with bonney

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>Luffy I wanna be part of the crew, please call me nakama!
>Yeah yeah I get it... but we already have a 10th nakama

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user they're friends with Shakky, they know who she is.

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>when the WG sends their little cunny bots after you

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best girl
none can compete

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No? Where did you get the idea they have been fighting for a week?

I like T-Bone much more than Koby.

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Would they betray the big mom pirates after getting a husband?
Lola, Chiffon, Praline and Pudding did it after finding a guy they liked.

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The brown loli angels are coming. Everyone run. I'll handle them.

We need more loli porn.

Are Big Mom and Kaido dead?

koby got fingered

The crew is now full

I thought the last picture was a bizarre african version of the straw hats crew and it honestly seemed kino as fuck to me. Well, maybe except for Sabo.

We'll have to wait until their cover story to find out.


Pathetic. My average load size increases anywhere from 1.6x to 4.5x every time I bust to O-Tama.

Not even the best amazon.
Worst girl alongside Yamato.

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I sincerely hope you all are joking about finding little girls attractive

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She's a robot

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Thank you Zoro.

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Spoilers when?

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i love jinbe's stupid grin

why does a rabbit need tits and ass...

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To be fair, T-Bone is such a chad that along with Jonathan he gets a pass from the ACAB rule.

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Spee D Reader

Notice how this panel appears after the one where Hancock is introduced and is shaded darker to separate it from the rest because it's in the past.

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According to some user in the last thread, hints should drop in 20 minutes
I don't know if that's true though

Naruto > Mid Piece

These are the same people who’s main argument for Yamato joining was “she said she was joining”

You’re arguing with literal children

another day..
another op thread..
another moment of no op spoilers…

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She's going to be the next empress after Hancock at the end of the series and you know it

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Laido yes, Winlin will never die

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get with the times, Namitroon. No one likes your loose whore

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>sails the entire grand line
>finds the one piece
>retires to live with his hot wife
>spends his time gambling, drinking and banging young girls
he won

Possibly. I genuinely think Oda made that intentionally: They were, as children, brainwashed to be extremely loyal to Big Mom, but they saw the truth about the world through others. Big Mom's tendency to arrange marriages to outsiders was her main thing to consolidate power, and it played a crucial role in her ultimate downfall.

You have problem with the users on this site? Which site did you migrate from?

i dont think that meants what you think it does user

Damn, spoiler is actually INSANE

>Less bounty than Nami

Rip FeetGOD

Holy shit user did you had to take a screenshot of your whole screen?

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know your place, margecringe

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Arabs are saying Carrot appears on the Sunny at the end of 1060

Hi, here.
That was no joke or exaggeration.

holy based

The fact that those aren't joke tabs makes me worried

That's literally how Oda has always shown events flashbacks from the past intermixed with present events.


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To be fair Nami now has a bounty higher than every Supernova except Luffy, Zoro, Kid and Law

Because she's a female?

we are on /lit/ right now, OPbros!

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it's like another 9/11

Best Boa

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That's what you think

Koby build for BBC

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Did he have the saddest involvement? Aside from his childhood.
He just faded away into nothingness, all to throw it away for a kid because he had D. in his name. His original goal was stopping his brother actually.
He's clumsy as fuck, constantly set himself on fire, probably broke bones and got wounded.
Law disliked him anyway, he let himself get stabbed, went on a voyage to get him cured, he became everyone's enemy, got beat up hard by vergo, executed by his own brother.
He simply exists to receive pain.
Literally me.

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that was a week ago and current day was boa on rayligh lap? thats how i understood at least

The number one character of the manga pre-timeskip and still vased post skip.

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>at the end of 1060
That's obviously a given

>19C Mostly cloudy
Thanks for doxxing yourself

based hebephile Chad!

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You know it.
Even hotter in snake form

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Uta is in the next chapter according to leakers

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This cosplay is actually amazing.

>Fuck Frankie
calm down robin

Post more marguerite

Did they recommend Discworld there?

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user but he accomplished his mission. He saved Law, Law loved him at the end, and then Law spend the rest of his life trying to take down Doflamingo and accomplish his mission.
And even after that, Sengoku made sure to let Law know that Cora didn't care about his mission in the end, he just wanted Law to live
Corazon's goals, in the end, were accomplished

Happy New Year!

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Are the hunterchads over there making fun of us?

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Here's the original that you can just put it into any translator



Also it's dubious if there is any real "disease" because it's just love.

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Am I the only bothered by the fact that apparently Hancock can now just body Vice Admirals AND Yonkou commanders literally en masse? Especially given that it was already established that people know how her powers work and Momonga showed how to get around it? Like, that is stupid. Kaidou and Big Mom together couldn’t have casually taken multiple Yonkou commanders out of the game in an instant the way Hancock did.

Cringe, but necessary to nerf bullshit DF powers, and justify Luffy being strong enough to beat emperors

The only book i've ever read was american psycho, it had a lot of clothes being described

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