Who had the better films?

In my opinion One Piece, the films actually felt like events that affected the story and not just filler like the other 2

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OP movies went shit since strong world

One Piece but only because Gold and Stampede exist.

Naruto's best movie is still Blood Prison, was satisfying when everyone from Konoha got their spotlight against the boss who looked like a Hollow.

Bleach had Dark Rukia so there's that.

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Stampede is one of the worst movies ever created

naruto had movies? wtf? why does nobody ever talk about them?

>He doesn't know about slutty Hinata

One Piece has Hosoda kino.

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Naruto's movies were all godawful.
I don't know about OP, so far I've only watched it till about halfway through Punk Hazard and haven't seen a single movie but Bleach's Memories of Nobody was really fuckin good while Diamond Dust Rebellion and Fade to Black were both very solid. I just have a hard time imagining OP topping them.

Naruto has: The Part I films which are decent/good, Blood Prison, The Last and Road to Ninja that's decent.
Bleach only has memories of nobody which is better than all the Naruto movies.
One Piece has Strong World, Z, Gold, Baron Omatsuri and now RED.

It's OP and it's really not even close. Toei might be shit but they make good films.

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>Bleach only has memories of nobody which is better than all the Naruto movies.
Not even close

same filler shit, kys

>Actual good OP movies

Movie 4
Movie 6

>Actual good Naruto movies


>Actual good Bleach movies


The OP movies have their ups and downs especially nowadays when they've al but become event films trying to squeeze as many characters in as possible and tricking people into gimmicks like "this movie will feature Gol Roger's dad" when he's only in a picture for 5 seconds unrelated to the plot and despite that they're all most entertaining. Naruto and Bleach are way harder to defend though because they're not only boring but also bad.

op movie 6 > all the rest

>Actual good OP movies


Memories of Nobody is the only good movie out of them all.

Hey, Z is cool too.

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Nice meme

Dead end adventure is kino

Kill yourself, narutard.

yeah, one piece has the majority that are quite good and Naruto only has one I think, Boruto's. Now bleach never really had any good ones.

Naruto has the worst everything of the Big 3. Including the series.

they're all fucking shounenshit, what difference does it make

It's all noncanon so why not make it as crazy as fun as possible