Sewayaki Kitsune no Seko-san + Aekanaru

Here be one new chapter of Kitsune Loli Wife Mother (Another Tail 13) and a new chapter of Mountain Loli Wife (22.5).
As always, please check for grammatical error and weird phrasings.
Hachi: I told you, didn't I?
Hachi: That you're fated to be with him.

Hachi: Don't you remember?
Hachi: It's when you asked for my advice at the cafe...
Fuku: Nope.
Fuku: All I remember is the "he is definitely interested in you"...
Hachi: Well, nevermind the small details.

Fuku: ...I'm sorry.

Left: In the background of the tumultuous plot.....

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Fuku: I only managed to get this far ahead
Fuku: because I was a marriage candidate...
Hachi: Why are you apologizing?

Fuku: Because...
Fuku: Of how you feel.../You feel the same way...
Fuku: about Nakano-san.../about Nakano-san...
*TL: Take your pick

Hachi: You know, a man could also fill that wife position,
Hachi: and I have the spiritual aptitude for it too.
Fuku: Really?
Hachi: But the reason I wasn't a candidate...

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Hachi: Was because I turned it down.
Hachi: I asked Sora-dono ahead of time.

Fuku: But why would you...
Hachi: While it's certainly a shame that I won't be able to see how shocked he'd look...

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Hachi: I already have a special place as his closest friend,
Hachi: I don't need to be a phoney wife as well.

Hachi: I'll let you fluff balls remove his curse,
Hachi: and I'll find my own way to support him.

Fuku: Did he just...
Fuku: one-up me...?

Right: Inimitable, inexorable...! This is the best position for him!!
And that's it for the homosexuality interlude.

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And now for mountain loli.

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I want to comfort rape him

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>I knew one day he would be forced to marry someone he doesn't love (you), congratulations on your shitty loveless marriage, he will think of Senko everytime he cums on your tail.

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Honestly, just because of what he did, he deserved to win more than any of the other sluts who are so fucking low self esteem they can't even say no right away.

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And that's it for today.

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Poor fucking senko

sex with poor fucking Senko.

can't have sex

>4 pages of a homosexual congratulating her pity win in passive aggressive manner
Can this final arc get any worse?

>Oh no! I could've been carried instead.

>everytime he cums on your tail
How often do you reckon that will be?

A lot, I can even see MC choosing to cum on the tail even after a blowjob