Danberu nan kiro moteru?

New English chapter release!
Chapter 159 - Hindu Pushup

Danberu Nan Kiro Moteru?
How Heavy are the Dumbbells You lift?

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Let's see what Zina's up to...

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I bet their poop smell very nasty

Oh hi there, Mei~

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thanks friend

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Happy to share.
To anyone wondering: we are (and have been for several months) COMPLETELY UP-TO-DATE!

So feel good that you're not missing any Danberu

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>training cunt
Hope we get a chapter about that one day

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If this and Kengan share a universe, does this mean this universe is also seeing a wave of terrorist attacks by the worm?
What compound exercises can I train in order to get bomb immunity?

Yeah, that's fantastic for her channel
And there's more of her channel coming this chapter, yet~~

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For reference:
1. Yes, they're same universe
2. "Worm" has not made any appearance in Danberu. Not yet, at least.
3. To avoid being bombed, I recommend digging a hole in the ground and never leaving.

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Oh my~

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Zina's pure dedication to Russian jokes is absolutely fantastic. And fits so nicely! Did you catch all the Russian jokes this page?

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Confession: technically, Hibiki is not going by "Hibi-Queen" but is going by "Hibikin."
The joke original joke is that "kin" has a double-meaning of "meat" and "muscle." As you can guess, that joke comes up A LOT in Danberu. It's literally just that pun, and nothing else. I altered it to "Hibi-Queen" so

1. The homonym remains
2. "Queen" has a second homonym for all the English "weigh" "win" "witness" w sound, which is nice.
3. Bee Queen joke.
4. It sounds mildly pretentious, as you'd expect from a media celebrity.

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Like, Subscribe, and slampiggy!

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Chapter 159 - Hindu Pushup

Thanks again to our RAW friend. You're fantastic.
Next chapter release will be in 2 weeks, Sunday! Same Bat-time, same bat-channel!

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