Rikka can handle 4 dicks at once

Rikka can handle 4 dicks at once.

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Why is season 2 so fucking bad

If you go on Any Forums, you'll have to deal with thousands of dicks and retards and douchebags and janitors and insane maniacs.

Rikka needs more practice.

I could handle 4 Rikkas at once, no problem.

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pretty sure Shinka could handle 8

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What grade is she in?


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girls have 4 holes, so i dont see why not

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Shinka could beat up 8 guys at once

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>four mouths
Where’s the 4th one?

Shinka can handle 4 dogs at once.

behind the knee

outside of the forced triangle, it's still watchable.

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I'll bring 4 friends so she can prove it.

That means she'll be taken up by your 4 friends. Are you just going to sit in the corner and jerk off quietly?

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Someone has to take pictures for proof.

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She could try, she would end as a mindless sex slave but she could try.