RWBY Ice Queendom: Episode 11 Discussion Thread

Did Weiss deserve it?

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Bumbleby stole the ep.

Suzuki SB, Miyamoto ED
Finally AbeGen, Nagata and Kawata, and every single Twitter user with アニメーター in their bio for the rest

Did we finally get it, sakugabros?

for Blake and Yang yeah.

Just because of Neo's presence, V9 is already set to be a better season than this mess of an anime. RWBYJ cannot carry a season by themselves.

She deserves me sticking my dick in her pristine rich white girl asshole

Here ep 12 synopsis

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>Took 11 episodes for the animators to learn how to draw Nick

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Ruby Genga

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Weiss Genga

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This garbage still is not anime.

Blake Genga

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food fight food fight!!!

Bladam no more Genga

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Yang's punch Animated

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i tried watching rwby but the first episode looked like a flash cartoon and by the second episode i couldn’t take it anymore

...what kind of flash cartoons have you seen that are 3D?

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Attached: [SubsPlease] RWBY - Hyousetsu Teikoku - 11 (1080p) [4A26388D].webm (1920x1080, 1.48M)

I just want to say, Yang is so fucking cool

She's handsome and badass.

She deserved better than being stuck in this awful arc.