Lycoris Recoil

Takina is a very bold girl.

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Left: Takina, you're showing...
Right: I think you're showing more

Why are Majimafags so afraid of yuri?

This is canon.

When our girl Topkina kill Majicuck. All hetschizos will neck themselves.

Chisato is a biter in bed

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And why is Chisato italic?

Chisato is so lucky

Top tier yuri 10/10 and maybe AOTY 2022

>spamming multiple threads
I hate nu-Any Forums so fucking much


Does being bit feel good?

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How would (You) answer here?

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You don't even know what tripfagging is

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Very grabby

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They switch

>they actually remembered the 3 ring/1 ring code

I'm just surprised Takina was able to fucking shatter the steel shutter like that.

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Better answer the phone or she will appear.

It has been fun to meme that Takina shattered by Mika probably shot it with the sniper rifle, and yeah Takina showing up as she promised and then the ED playing was fucking beautiful, pure pottery.

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Phones don't work like that