Why are there so many incomplete adaptations of isekai LNs? Why don't people just read the novels?

Why are there so many incomplete adaptations of isekai LNs? Why don't people just read the novels?

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The point of the adaptations is to try to get people to read the novels.


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>Why are there so many incomplete adaptations of isekai LNs
Because they are treating anime and manga adaptations as glorified ads.
>Why don't people just read the novels?
Because people aren't interested in reading the script of a potential anime or manga.

Because it makes money

>glorified ads
I wonder how much a dozen chapters or so of an isekai manga costs to produce if it stays digital.
Animation jobs are extremely poorly-paid since they've outsourced, but is the same true with the manga production chain?

They don't need to be complete. I read a few isekai/fantasy LNs and there's so much fluff and shit that doesn't really matter that I actually preferred to read the manga or watch the anime. I don't know if it's an issue with translations or lack of standards in japanese literature, but some of them are just embarrassing to read.

>Why are there so many incomplete adaptations of isekai LNs?
The point is to promote light novels. Ever wonder why there is no Haruhi season 3? The anime already did a good job at promoting the light novel. There's no need for it anymore.

I've said this before. Why not put the budget a 12-episode anime gets, and make 3-4 episodes instead? Do you think someone not convinced to buy the novels after 4 episodes will do so after the 10th? You can make the episodes more compact, and get to the point quicker to get people interested in buying the volumes. But as it stands, these 'glorified' ads don't particularly appeal to me, they're low budget and generic.

They are usually boring and even censored if Seven Seas is translating them. So unless you can read moonrunes it's not worth it.
LN plots are only bearable when you can look at some decent animation to compensate for the shitty writing.
I wanted to read Classroom of the Elite but official translations are a joke so maybe I'll read fan translations or I'll just try to learn to read kanji.

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Don't the broadcast stations normally require at least one full cour for airing? I can't think of too many 3-4 episode TV series.
You could make it as an ONA with just a few episodes, but that sort of defeats the advertising purpose of a television airing since you'd be mostly drawing viewers who likely already knew about it.

I thought even the translators knew nothing of any of that and that it was all just some dumb woke editor who did it and was kicked out the moment this whole issue came to light?

Because the novel is usually untranslated.

Just repeat the episodes. If they're good people will want to rewatch them. I rather watch a good episode 3 times if it has good budget and competent directing than filler that consists of moeblobs talking at 2fps.

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Why bother starting an anime you know you won't read to completion?

why bother living when you aren't going to accomplish anything in your pathetic life?

do we really need a repeat of yesterday's thread? do illiterates love being BTFO that much?

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LNs fucking suck for the most part, the writing is terrible. It's not so jarring in manga form, at least not if the manga has decent art, pacing, paneling ect like what's usually required for a manga to be good.

LNs an WNs read like someone pulled a manga script and chopped out the pictures and told you 'here's your novel, bro'. The literally read worse than 'young adult' bullshit. The story might be fine but the prose and descriptive ability of the author is usually dogcocks.

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