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Androssi or Ryun Any Forums?

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>Still no good place on this shitty website to talk about manwha

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>/web/ webtoons and Mahwa

Why no board?


Because the Any Forums administration hates Any Forums.

Any Forums hate webtoons


Isn't it on hiatus again anyways?

>/web/ webtoons and Manhwa
>people there end up going full "old good, new bad" like Any Forums and shit on Webtoon while constantly praising stuffs like Shin Angyo Onshi
Imagine the seethe from Webtoonfags like Mario

Yeah, shitty website not having a room to talk about a medium that is becoming shittier with each days passing is really weird

>a mediuk who is the shitter and shitter every day
Modern manga

Webtoon are masterpiece
Lol everyone will make fun of new breaker


because most manhwas are hot garbage and so are their readers

>Everyone will make fun of Webtoon
You damn right they would

Sorry mistype

Who single handed killed all the mahwa industry

>Mario thinking that he would be automatically accepted to a board about Mahwa
They would hate you and want you gone after just one thread, plain and simple

>A Manhwa who becomes more and more similar to a Webtoon is the one who killed the industry
You damn right it is

I will be the King and the prophet who make that board real

Workshipping threads every single day
New waves turned mahwa jnto cheap japanese copy and killed the Korean soul

>New waves turned into a precursor of cheap ass Webtoon garbage and killed the entire Korean soul

>I will be the King and the prophet who make that board real
Kek, now i really want a Manhwa board just to see people telling Mario to fuck off and ban him from their board


Just like you coping with the fact that you have a shit taste in Manhwa and never read the best that Korea has to offer

I habe good taste and after new waves Manhwa died byt webtoon saved Korean soul.

Why moder manga are so shit meam while webtoons are so KINO?