52 episodes to cover 208 chapters

>52 episodes to cover 208 chapters

They're going to rush and skip a lot aren't they?

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Did you even read the manga? Kubo eats through chapters like nothing, there could easily be up to 5-6 chapters per episode at times. 52 episodes is amazingly a lot.


Long gone are the days of filler bloat. Good riddance.

Kubo is master of wasting space, they can do it easily in that.
It will be shit since quincy wars arc is shit, but it is doable.

>52 episodes
for a 2022 anime that's a staggering amount

pleb opinion discarded

No, that might be too much for a manga like bleach that is mostly just drawing of people shouting attack names, slashing swords and shooting energy beams. Hopefully they actually added more substance to the story.

I see nothing wrong with this.

90% of the chapters are like 3 lines of dialogue and a couple attacks lol. if the fights are actually well paced then theres no reason why that number isnt perfectly doable

Yeah. Not to draw equal comparisons but where One Piece has too many details, Bleach has too few.

Should be fine, episode 1 will probably cover chapters 480-484, and there's much more dialogue in those compared to fight chapters

>4 chapters per episode

It's Bleach.

104 of those chapters were just blank pages, 52 chapters were just reaction shots, and like 5 panels total were nothing but 8-point font monologue text.

>They're going to rush and skip a lot aren't they?

You make it out like this is an issue with Bleach and it's already massively bloated original series that devolved into poorly animated filler madness as time went on.

Consider condensed pacing to be an act of mercy for a change, you were lucky enough to get this last adaptation to begin with.

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>wan piss
lmao what a cope

Isn't that like 4 manga chapters per anime episode? I'm brain damaged and can't do elementary school maths.

Anyway, fucking nothing happens in a single Bleach manga chapter, so even that sounds slow to me to be honest and worried the anime will be dragged out.

>rеddit spacing
go back niggеr

Shut up and just consoom chud

Yeah, there are some single pages in One Piece packed with as much content as entire bleach chapters

Reminder that the first 180ish chapters of the manga were adapted into 52 episodes in the first anime

Previous arcs that were adapted had roughly 2 chapters per episode.

To be fair, there isn't that much to skip. TYBW goes by very fast, even with some bloat, so 52 episodes sounds about right.

>as if One Piece couldn't cover 3-5 chapters an episode instead of covering 1/4 to 2 chapters because Toei is retarded

>novelniggers btfo forever

>4 chapters per episode
only a pisstard could think this is somehow bad pacing.

Kubo is a cinematicfag, likes big panels and close up shots, you could easily do 2 episodes per volume

The first 2 arcs were covered in 60 episodes which had 188 chapters. Final arc has 206 chapters. Bleach at the end had less panels/page than the beginning so its easily doable. Kubo is adding content and fights that were scrapped or were done off screen as well.

And based on how well this is recieved, we might get another 12 covering the novels and the hell arc one shot for a sequel hook.

It's 64 episode, way to outing yourself that you never watched the old anime.

3-5? That's a difference of nearly 100% Not much of a ballpark number. I don't believe a competent director would rush through content like that.

just saw the PV
why does everything looks so glossy? its like everything is covered in car polish...
also they must be pretty proud of that blue fire effect because there was a lot of that in the PV

Soul society had 3-4 chapters addapted per episode actually
They did 182 chapters in 62 episodes, that around 3 chapters an episode
And even in things like the Ulqi fight they adapted 3 chapters, it's actually kinda hard to not do so

>rush through
One Piece, especially now, is full of bloat. Dressrosa could be 40 episodes or less, Whole Cake could be 30.