Is undoubtedly the best girl on this manga

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Best ahegao of the series for sure.

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La goblina negra

nah, she's mid
Prez, Sakura, Gamo and even Yoshi low diff her

cap frfr not bussin

She would look hotter with a dick.


Naga nails

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Submissive girls are extremely boring

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Hi I'm from reddit and I wanted to know if I could join you guys

I wish i had a Nagatoro girlfriend so i could cheat on her


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You are 100% correct.

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>t. Nagatoro

>no tanlines
Ruined, boner gone.

Bold statement about a manga that contains Gamo and Yoshi

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The one behind the post

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Senpai should just kiss her already. It'll be a big motivation boost for the Judo Tournament.

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There is, but ever so slightly Watson. Here, take a closer look

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cringe and filtered.


>>>best girl on this manga

Hardly, she gets mogged by every other girl...

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She would be a great friend for Kazuya, the ultimate cucks