I just sat through lots of Type Moon and I don't get the appeal...

I just sat through lots of Type Moon and I don't get the appeal. Characters will go on about their powers and shit (muhahaha I am deriving my power from Kabalah God's channel about souls!) to doing high school shit. All stories seem to take place in Vancouver, despite calling it some place in Japan. And not to mention the westaboo aspect, holy shit (Hi I am Fredicka Von Holtzmaffen and I am a loli). Overrall vibes feel like autistic ramblings about some world building with some made metaphysics (Only Masamune Shirow can beat that).
Fuck that Dio Brando rip-off who the writer labelled "Gilgamesh".
Gungod, now that's a name.

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Not an argument.


It's all literally based on a 2000s era chuunibiyou novel that's not even good
My advice? Watch Fate/Zero for a good story not faithful to the powerbullshittery.
If you don't care about the Fate premise and just want actual Nasu kino, read Tsukihime. Absolute perfect era representation of vampire fiction


>he actually got duped into that trash

>Watch Fate/Zero for a good story
I'm no S/N-fag by any means but it really isn't much better
>and just want actual Nasu kino, read Tsukihime

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I don’t really like Fate, but really like Tsukihime and Garden of Sinners. Try them

Fate/Zero was good, I will give it that.
Rest of my post apply on other works too, like Kara no Kyokai and Melty Blood.
Tsukihime was fun because Shiki simply kills of wankers who go on and on about soul dimension, death pockets, god diagrams and why they are so good because of that.
Kagestu Tohya was bs. All looping shit just to fuck a loli cat.

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What did you watch to get those impressions?

VNs - Fate/Stay Night, Tsukihime, Kagetsu Tohya
Game- Melty Blood
Anime - Fate/Zero, Kara no Kyokai anime movies
Novel - Notes.

Weird, I didn't get that from any of those.

Maybe I am not as autistic as you who would take all that fluff without getting bored while troading through basic bitch stories and plotlines.
Or you just fapped to doujins. Can't blame ya, Arcuid has big boobs.

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The appeal for the retards in to TM is self inserting the MCs are always blatant self inserts

I'm sure.

Shirou isn't a self-insert though
he is a real character

You read three visual novels and saw a whole movie compilation and you still say you didn't like it? Why did you go through the whole unpleasant experience without any enjoyment? I do not find Nasuverse the peak of the medium like some people but still Tsukihime and KnK are entertaining chuuni classics, and Takeuchi's designs are still iconic

>and Takeuchi's designs are still iconic
Takeuchi's designs aren't even original

They aren't now, but you didn't see many twintailed tsunderes and angsty mysterious dudes with pulled back hair before

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I used to be completionist-fag before this. Now I have learned the meaning of Sunk-cost fallacy the hard way.

I prefer the old style before glossing took over and now most of it is just glossy shit unpleasant to look at.
No wonder they don't do porn anymore. I don't feel like beating my meat to that, and they know.

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Stupid cat. Burn it.

If you're serious about all of this then I'll tell you that the catching aspect of Type Moon stuff in my opinon is the interior monologue of it's schizo protagonists.
Hollow Ataraxia era style is the best imho, the last one to be both detailed and not cheap plastic looking

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type moon has awful writing, characters, and babies first vn tier

Read the VNs you retarded newfag.