One Piece

I believe in Carrot

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whores for cocks

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Watch my daughter's movie.

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Reminder that Nami is gong to win the Luffybowl.

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Hello where am I?

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Post Cute and Canon

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Retcon Piece

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>The Mid-Autumn Festival is named Tsukimi (月見) or Otsukimi (literally meaning 'moon-viewing') in Japan.
>Around Tsukimi, you’ll see a lot of rabbit-themed decorations to go along with the story.
>You can find scenes of rabbits gathered together or rabbits pounding mochi (rice cakes), which is the main festival food to enjoy while moon viewing.
>1060 released in Japan on the 19th of September
>Tsukimi observed in Japan this year from the 10th-13th of September
1060 is our chapter, Carrotbros.

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I miss Kiku already

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No. I was the one who originally put this together. It’s over.

The pirate queen is set to join.

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Here you go, m8.

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>the only saving grace from the start of wano until now is loli brown Hancock
It's really fucking over for OP isn't it? If only Oda at very least didn't cuck Buggy from Cross Guild Wano wouldn't leave such bad aftertaste to me.

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I remember watching enies lobby for the first time as a kid and already thinking all the power ups were stupid fucking asspulls

>Blackbeard raping every pink hair person that comes to him
>Perona basically guaranteed to try and avenge Moria
oh no...

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>1060: Kanpai
>color spread: Straw Hats and Carrot in Sulong form moon viewing at a festival.

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