Can women be too powerful?

Can women be too powerful?

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wow extra boobs and ass cheeks all over their bodies
so glad muscular women because an easier way to objectify women

No - esdeath

Not really no

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She looks like she has inverted nipples

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I want her to aggressively sit on my face and destroy me.

No. As evidenced by how all muscular women job, die or barely show up in their manga.

See Fairy Tail. MHA does not apply

Not really.

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Jeez, you might want to get those checked out Nana.

Japan is finally waking up

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they're either jobbers, minor characters or worse: drawn ugly
we all know fuma wont last

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Built for ryona. Capes are so hot too

>up against Miyamoto Musashi of all people
I love her but she's not going past round 2.
>drawn ugly
If they're even drawn. Sometimes they're shown off as a musclegirl and then either drawn in the background or under a burqa so that the artist doesn't have to draw muscles again. See that one from Do You Like Big Girls? .

thegoldensmurf is that you?

they already are, the majority of men would lose if a woman took control of their joystick

Masculine vagina.

>that one from Do You Like Big Girls
Do not remind me.

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