Luminous Witches

Would you listen to their songs?

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>have large beloved cast
>they mostly get 1-2 lines of dialog per episode because you decided to introduce a new second protagonist.
What on earth where they thinking? I didn't even dislike Hattori as a character, and I liked her in the movie, but she really ruined Road to Berlin.

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Their original songs suck ass, I wish they all were just covers of songs from that period.

No, they're all shit just like (a) certain namefag(s) from the LL thread

only Milasha's

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Bet Ellie's chill personality crumbles when they get to Gallia

Best time of the week again

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Milasha is so endearing, I love her.

Road to Berlin wasn't that great, I didn't like how so much of the plot was based on restoring Miyafuji's magic. It was also kind of tiring to see Miyafuji keep on saving everyone.

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So is this good?

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Watchalong in 20~ minutes, hop to cytu be/r/Helmarathon

Notto really but it's not bad either.

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That's a big cat

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What does Britain smell like?

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So, Moffy is the "ugly duckling"?

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