Why are the Lucky Star girls so rabidly sexy

Why are the Lucky Star girls so rabidly sexy

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they look like children

That doesn't explain all of it though.


Kagami is sex incarnate

They get sexier the more they have sex with each other, leading to a positive feedback loop of increasing sexiness

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I agree


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no its only that purple one that is sexy

No. Fuck off.

hell yeah brother

Yes they’re incredibly sexy in fanart with fatter bodies. Not so much in the anime where they’re sticc figures and moeblobs

You didn't even watch the OP. Watch the god damned OP.

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I buy sausage xD

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Damn i hate the fact that something like that will never happen

only in the creepy fanart.


Happens to Konata all the time
It's from her perspective after all

Yes. Drawings aren't children