Dragon Ball Super

I think after Super has ended there should be a new prequel between the end of the Cell saga and the beginning of Buu. Those years of peace are under utilized. You could add lots and lots of cool villains like Cell Platinum and Bojack family sort of villains and Goku Maroon and maybe the actual Goku comes back and dies by the end

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Bejita's the name doing kids' my game!

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>between end of Cell and start of Buu
Literally nothing happens, idiot.
They literally say it's been 7 peaceful years.

I sure would love to see a preteen/teen Gohan (12/13) wearing tight spandex!

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that's what they said about Post Buu to EOZ and they LIED.

what happened last thread?
Bejita vs door

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>that's what they said about Post Buu to EOZ

Even though Goku and Bejita are friends I don't think their fans will ever be friends with eachother.

Goku:"Goodbye, my friends."
Shamo Alien:"What!?"
Goku:"What's up! This is Goku! Could you go to hell?"

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Kek, Goku did this.

This is canon.

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>How do you fix UI
By making Perfect Ultra Instinct rare as fuck to go into. It comes out when Goku is at his utmost breaking point like Toyo is treating Susanooku which is why Goku can only use its full potential when he's fully running on autopilot. He can tap into signs at well due to his training and learning how to be calm at all times. But he struggles with it due to his Saiyan waku nature. Hence Whis tells him to stop trying to follow the angel path and learn how to make his own version of UI. Thus starting with using UI with his lesser forms before eventually evolving Signs with his Saiyan Instincts. Doing so naturally means he's closer to Angelku but still reasonably weaker and this makes Angeku even stronger as a result.

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Why does he look like the local weed seller?

Humble grundet.

In the US maybe, but those are standard autumn clothes

I find it infinitely amusing that SDBH of all things is the only piece of official media to treat Ultra Instinct with only respect, every single time it shows up someone is getting fucked by it.


I agree. I don't know what Toyo was thinking ruining UI like this. It was supposed to be more than another simple hair color transformation.

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Do you live in a former Soviet nation, perchance?

Super is so bad it makes GT look like canon

>spambot babble
desuarchive.org/a/search/text/"Super is so bad it makes GT look like canon"/

Yes, yes, with GT Pan and Giru.
Pan comes back from the future because she misses her grandpa and collects the Dragon Balls to resurrect him but something goes terribly wrong and Cell is the one who is resurrected.
Cell absorbs Pan and becomes Ultra Super Perfect Cell.
Vegeta cries in the end.

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Vegito is an incestuous freak.

interesting to see how far back Pyscho Goku goes

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invincible trump cards suck unless there's severe consequences that are mutually exclusive to the characters' overarching goals

>One of the so-called blackening stories.

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Well said.

...but enough about Son Bra.

take me back to simpler DB times

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Pure love

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>Jiren OUT of fucking nowhere
Literally didn't exist yet and people still talks about him.

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holy shit Krillin fucking DESTROYED Bejita years ago

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