Actual pleb filters

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stealth rec thread?

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more like pleb magnet

you know it

I don't think I've watched a single one

I'm impressed, I watch anime since I was 5 and yet you menage to make a list of anime that that I seen only few title.

I've seen Wagaseishin, CCA and Mind Game.

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Why is most of this shit very old?


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Because the grids are just as old. Nobody likes putting in effort anymore.

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Make a new one yourself

Did you just find this on their social media and decided to make a bait thread?

All I see on social media is Isekai moeshit and demon slayer. I found this on Otomo's anidb page

Transrightsland Saga is the ultimate pleb filter

Try and expand them using newer anime, you'll quickly find there's nothing that fits the bill