How about blood-related oyakodons?

How about blood-related oyakodons?
We need more of them.

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Isn't Oyakodon always blood related?

Only the mother and daughter. The guy is often unrelated.

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As says, normal oyakodon has guy unrelated to girls. Blood-related oyakodon is literaly about guy having sex with his own sister and mother.

I thought it was kissxsis at first glance

I think its parodying it.

Is there any other legit blood-related oyakodon in anime?

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The endgame would be a daughter you have with your blood-related sister.

What about a guy having sex with his sister and his daughter-niece?

But that's already 2nd grade inbreeding, you know.

Damn, how do we get it to 1st grade?

You aren't likely to get mutants in 1st grade (your sister or daughter). The 2nd grade is a different story though.

By not inbreeding those who are already once inbred.

What's the highest degree of incest that has been produced in laboratory conditions?

sex-swapped clones

It's little more tricky than that. It depends on various factors. And what is relation between parents. But base consensus is that 1st grade incest is little more dangerous than usual outbreeding, but still relatively safe. However which each further greade danger of illness and other things multiplies.

in noted scientific simulator Crusader Kings 2 I've managed to knock up my character's great grandaughter, all of which were of his siring

she was profoundly inbred

Your character is this guy?

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his finnish equivalent, yes

Blood-related oyakodon is fucking your wife and daughter

Or sister and mother.
Or sister and niece.
Or sister and daughter.

If girls are not related as mother and daughter, then it's not oyakodon, so you can't fuck your sister and a daughter from a different girl.

your sister daughter is not your daughter's mother so it doesn't count

Sounds like you want to fuck your sister, user

>girl is not her own mother so it doesn't count

When oyakodon is about including you, then either you have a generational gap (fucking your daughter and granddaughter / fucking your mother and grandmother), or it's going to include your sister.

There's extended oyakodon where a female has sex with a male and his mother/daughter

>profoundly inbred
nah, the male retains diversity that he reinjects every generation even if they grow similar to him, successive generations of sibling mating would exclude more genes increasing the level of inbreeding induced autozygous recessives

>including you,
incestually, I mean.

Most people are not genetically closely related to their wives.

If an unrelated woman has sex with a man and his mother that is still technically oyakodon isn't it?

Cousins also exist, user.

Sophie has the most based taste in anime.

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On the incest scale, that's lukewarm. The normalfag variant of taboo.

No it's your mother's child and your sister's child hooking up

Now that you are saying it, I am not sure.
I want to say no, but I think I would be wrong if I did.

So, I guess you're right?

I have already had blood related Oyakodon, and it's every bit as amazing, as Japanese media has cracked it up to be.

Depending on where you live, that may not be the case.