Boogiepop 2019

I don't get why Shingo Natsume couldn't make this show good. He did great with Dandy, Tatami Galaxy, OPM, and Sonny Boy but somehow Boogiepop 2019 turned out half-baked and mediocre as fuck.
Far cry from the masterful trailer which might as well have been false advertising:

The 2000s show was better despite being a fucking fanfiction.

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>snowing in april

>He did great with Dandy, Tatami Galaxy, OPM, and Sonny Boy

No matter your contrarianism you should still be able to consider BP 2019 worse than those

The 2000 version was better but still half-baked.

Copy Paste mangacand get sakuga freinds to make the show work
>Space Dandy
One episode
>Tatami Galaxy
>Sonny Boy
Sucks dick

he only did good with Sonny Noy because it was anime original

Sonny Boy was great idk what you're smoking

You're a Pavlov dog responding to certain cues. Just because it's not bottom of the barrel moeshit doesn't make it good

Why bring up moeshit and why put up with an inane sort of madonna-whore complex but for media? I watch something and enjoy it and I'll call it good.

His original plan was for his Boogiepop to be an original story set within the novels universe, just like Phantom. But the producers probably just wanted to push the novels (which immediately got a reprint). In fact there seems to have been a lot of meddling and drama behind the scene, remember the controversy over the original character designer not being contacted about the adaption? And remember the weird release schedule, with 18 episodes all in one season? I blame all this mess for the show not being good even as a simple adaption.

Back when it aired i went from confused(the first episodes were all over the place time-wise) but ended up liking it by the end

Now that i've watched more animes i should probably give it a rewatch and look at it more critically

I just generally like the concept of Boogiepop, been considering on buying the novels, how good are they? I know they're popular and i'm surprised they haven't picked up the anime project to air another season(if the later novels are even better)

The one thing i'm certain that the anime did right was the OST, certified bangers and managed to capture the vibes of Boogiepop perfectly, that's why i'm certain CSM will not dissapoint( at the very least not on the OST department)

Also i've heard that the show had production issues, what's the tl;dr that made it the way it aired? I can't believe i never saw the PV that OP provided, were any of those things supposed to happen/happened in the novel but got Axed?

Who are the real humanity enemies?

ost was good
original was better, but i'd probably recommend someone watching this for the first time to try the 2019 version
i don't get why aoi yuuki stars in all these unnecessary remakes

speaking from mental illness, Boogiepop 2019 doesn't grip your attention and demand you try to make sense of things the Phantom does. Phantom has this slightly frustrating energy that challenges you to figure things out before they get explained but BP2019 has the vibe where if you accidentally space out during the ep, everything will be explained in a clear dialogue at the end of each story

i riked it

No it was good and a lot better than Phantom. The direction in Phantom is better but that's it

slapping a 8% sepia + bloom filter on 2019 improves it by 60%

Well, the direction is exactly why I liked Phantom better so that's probably why we differ.
I also already read the LNs before the newere show aired so I was just expecting a well animated/directed/paced adaptation

>The 2000s show was better despite being a fucking fanfiction.
faithfulness to source is a meme, the greatest adaptations divergly greatly from what they're based on

Sonny Boy was great, best of first watching. Brainlets couldn't figure out what was going on, but their opinions are moot.