Bleach anime is screening right now in Japan

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I'm watching it on Discord with my Japanese girlfriend right now

now we know you're lying

tru if big

user no need to lie

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Do you think there's gonna be another trailer before october?

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blast im so excited to watch the new season

Bleachbros, we yabai now.

based and yabaipilled

based and numberonepilled

Probably on 24th for aniplex Festa.

Isn't there a big Yidsney event coming where they show their stuff?

The response has been very positive

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Words cannot convey how too fucking late this is for me to give a shit.

Words cannot convey how nobody gives a shit about you.

>no pubes
I only enjoy realistic depictions of women

Yikes, that yellow getsuga looks really ugly.


I don't know, I am still wary.
What the fuck does that mean? Late for what?

Late to wipe his ass.

Will we get moments like these?

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>hey aizen, we're going to gang rape you and set you on fire so haha you'd better not hahaha swap with momo haha

If people are claiming the animation is good, does that mean Pierrot has nothing to do with this season?

Even better, we're gonna get moments like these.

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The fact that they were fighting momo the entire time, makes this fight so funny on a re-read

Pierrot just dumped all their money and resources into this. They're not treating it like your average weekly trash like Boruto or Black Clover, but rather like a premium seasonal event with named people involved.

Having good animation on the first couple of episodes is nothing to write home about.

So is it really in D+?

Movie quality is not just good animation.