Demon Slayer

So...umm...(when) does this get good?

t. 4 episodes in

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Episode 19.

Read the manga, anime has terrible pacing.

It already started to, but it'll get real good when the mountain arc starts
It'll get great when the train arc starts and remain that way for a bit
Then in two years you'll see Infinity Fortress which will bankrupt Ufotable and redefine kino

Not long after, but then it takes a nosedive around episode 17 or so.

It never does

When it gets in an MHA situation that gets solved in a KnY way

>takes a nosedive around episode 17
You mean after 19.

it doesn't

Do you like battle shounen? if you don't just drop it right there

>Do you like battle shounen? if you do just drop it right there

Whichever one Zenitsu becomes a permanent character. I can't remember.

So it doesn't have good story, world-building, characters etc? It's just visuals and battles?

Episode 20

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Story is simple and straight forward I wouldn't say its bad or good just ok. World building is non-existent and characters are not that well written. Animation is great though if you want to turn your brain off and just enjoy good animation go for it. It also uses the usual battle shounen tropes thats why if you don't like battle shounen you won't enjoy this.

The thing with KnY is that it's a straighforward and well executed battle shonen that actually ends in a timely manner (sort of like Buso Renkin in that sense).
The bonus is that the music and visuals are also great.

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I watched every ep aired and I still do t like it not even gonna watch the new season only enjoyable character was the boar guy everyone else sucks

I was the same as you with the manga. Things starts to get better in the Train part.
Aside is basic shonen, so if you grew up watching Naruto, Kenshin or Bleach you will get less surprised.

p. much. KnY has a few interesting characters, a relatively unique style for the genre, and it's consistently paced. It's entirely forgettable otherwise.

if you don't like it by the time tange slices a boulder in half drop it

>So it doesn't have good story, world-building, characters etc?
Where did you get all that from the above post? It is all arguable, but the post above only said to drop... a battle shonen... if you don't like battle shonen? So then you assume all of the above are bad?
The merits of the above points in the show is arguable but the way you're framing the question... makes you think...

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Skip every demons backstory when they're on the verge of death. That will help loads.