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Faputa got Reg preg?

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What are the odds of chudsoft porting the kusoge to mobile?

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Practically zero. However it apparently sold though the majority of its physical copies on Switch.

Oh so it's actually selling quite well? I was thinking that maybe they'll port it to mobile when it's not earning enough. It'll probably won't be that hard and most modern phones can probably run this GameCube tier shit.

I would have bought one of them if Australasia wasn't excluded from the Switch release for
God knows why.

why is it okay to show Faputas babytits but not Rikos?

what exactly was she doing here? expanding her arm? the sound effects almost made it seem like she was firing a pulse cannon into his gut.


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opening her claw i guess


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I could make it back up, i'm built different.

My headcanon is that Ozen's size and social awkwardness made her an outsider among her fellow delvers. She was bullied as a kid and then mistrusted as an adult until she grew into the role. She is immature because she didn't have the necessary social contact needed to develop. Lyza was important to her because not only was she one of the few people she bonded with, but she sought to even though Ozen pushed her away.
Lyza getting married was a blow to Ozen because she felt her friend was being taken away. Riko is the fruit of Ozen's loss that is why she hates her. Ozen has an unhealthy relationship with Marulk. Not because hurr shota sex slave but because she wants the comfort of an interpersonal bond and he is dependant on her. He has nowhere to go.

Imagine being teen Ozen's mentor and having sex with her because noone else will.

in retrospect, she was fortunate. The whole plotline was just fucked.

That's my exaсt thoughts as well, although she still needed someone close to her to become her whistle.
I wish we could see some of Ozen's and Bondrewd's shenanigans, maybe even their backgrounds

>Bondrewd has sex with Ozen
>He leaves her to go pursue science
>Years later
>"Beware of Bondrewd Riko, he is the worst. He is a rascal."

Tiny shota penis

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Isn't this image kinda inconsistent, with her hair being twisted as a kid/redwhistle and all?

oh no

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for me, it's S2E7...

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>Bondrewd and Ozen become a couple
>They move to Ido Front
>Bondrewd: "Wonderful. Now that we've settled in, all I need are some children. Let's go to the orphanage."
>Ozen is clueless
>Ozen: "How about know...make some instead."
>Bondrewd: "Oh my. Oh my, my, my. Ozen dear, you are positively, wonderfully twisted."

>prime antisocial cunny

Why didnt the interference units recognixe the mockwater was tainted? They learned the team's language in seconds. It would have been smart to have them try to fetch actual water themselves, since robots wouldnt trigger monsters nearly as easily considering they have no "aura."

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