Which is the better-written isekai edgelord?

Which is the better-written isekai edgelord?

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Overlord is the better comedy

I like both, get fucked.

Rimuru isn't and edgelord he's an idealist. The story makes it a point to show how it works but can also bite him in the ass.

Recommend me an Isekai where the MC actually marries a girl please, Ainz and Rimuru are pussies

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Rumuru would win in a fight. That's all the writing I need.

>isekai but the MCs first though after falling out from a pussy is "Ight imma get me some wives, a kingdom and just a tiny bit of power levels"
>isekai but there are reincarnators from all countries, meaning japanese culture gets mogged
>isekai but the MC makes heroin, cocaine, meth, lsd and weed and is generally a drag on society

Mushoku Tensei. He marries not only but three.

Does he marry the girls in the LN only? how long till the anime gets there

>Does he marry the girls in the LN only?
The anime isn't there yet you idiot

Tensura is better in every single way.


he killed like 10k people
each of those men had a family
they were probably forcefully drafted peasants or something

he hasnt married them yet, but he has sex with 1 at the end of the second season

Soldiers know what they're signing up for. If they were conscripts and didn't want to die in war, they should have revolted.

>forcefully drafted peasants
>they know what they're signing up for
>signing up for

in that time period, most wars ended after 5% casualities because people would run as soon as things didn't look good and morale broke down. He fucking slaughtered 100% of them.

Is it even considered edgelord if they don't even feel a thing for killing humans?

1) They weren't conscripts
2) I addressed what they should have done if they were
They shouldn't have gotten complacent in participating in evil.

i.e. whatever the main character believes shouldn't happen
People have a real bad habit of just sucking the MC's dick off and going along with what they do as being completely in the right. Not limited to manga/anime either.

They were going to murder their peaceful neighbors. The Farmus people and the Luminous people all knew what they were getting into.

Killing your enemies is just.