Does Japan ever think the rest of the world has shit taste in anime and manga just like how this place thinks theirs is...

Does Japan ever think the rest of the world has shit taste in anime and manga just like how this place thinks theirs is shit?

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Would like to know this too.

Japan thinks grown men watching anime are pathetic losers

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They (the section of the Japanese population which regularly reads manga and watches anime) don't think about the rest of the world because the rest of the world is irrelevant. It's always laughable to see anons shit all over Japan's taste when they are the main consumers AND producers of the things they cherish.

They don't think about us aside from being disgusted by shitty tiktok edits you see in authors posts.

Who knows. I pirate the entertainment they produce in Minecraft, don't care what the people living in that island think or feel.

best sellers here are best sellers there so I don't know why they would think this

Some Japanese clickbait sites sometimes translate Any Forums threads and retarded Japs who read that clickbait bitch about what we're saying.

Can I get evidence of that?

This isn't limited to Japan. OP is obviously talking about the ones who actually watch the stuff.

The shitty tiktok comments or their reaction? Anyway just look at fujimoto's post, there's always at least 1 latinx posting his.

Never seen anyone comment on it, personally. The global market getting big enough to influence production might make it a more common topic than it used to be, though.

i'm a japanese, and i've read that translate site.
there are some translation sites that introduce of you guys' anime reactions. such sites are called "kaigai no hannou" (reactions from overseas)
though the site is newer one, he named himself as just "kaigai no hannou" and upload a lot of articles but those are quite low-quality. it's the worst site i've ever watched.
i guess that is just a "affiliate site", and speaking of this topic, i can say he just wanna get money for adv. with stirring up you guys.
so just ignore.

I shit over them because they can't keep my favorite manga from getting axed

When will you people realize Japan is nothing like America? If you are a young male in Japan, chances are you will be watching anime. It is the equivalent to talking about sports here.

ochinchin daisuki

No, man. There's a difference between the anime that otaku watch and the anime that kids under the age of 16 watch. You're more likely to hear them talk about their favorite sports teams or live-action drama or something like that.

Define anime for "kids" because what Japan considers for "kids" is way different than a lot of western countries.

Most people won't care regardless. Burger here, back when every hollywood blockbuster was trying their hardest to pander to China no one I knew in real life talked about it even including people who saw multiple movies per week.

Nigger, I have regular contact with JK's and JC's I'm a teacher and they talk about pure otakubait like Re:Zero and Slime no problem.

>otaku anime
Come on.

Also this Mainstream stuff like One Punch Man, Attack on Titan, Kimetsu no yaiba, Overlord etc. Would you consider stuff like this "otaku"? Because that's complete bullshit.

Someone's never been on futaba.