Lycoris Recoil

Highlight of the episode.

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Even Japan hates Majima.

Post the whole scene, Jobkinakek.

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Lesbians are very territorial.

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Why couldn't Chisato hear him running around? Doesn't she have normal hearing ability? You don't need supah ears to hear a dude running at you. How did Takina get up there or break through a metal shutter? Why doesn't Majima have an Arab beard like a real terrorist ala Ali AlSaachez?

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A yuri ending is practically confirmed now.

Takina got close to him knowing that he would manhandle her because she actually likes it when he does it to her.

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The show is about end and Takinope never stopped being a pathetic jobber.

For what reason does Majima want to expose DA and the lycoris so much? Is it just because the lycoris, mostly just chisato, get in the way of him being a terrorist? Even if he managed to successfully frame the lycoris as the bad guys, the government/law enforcement would silence him. The only objective he'd exceed in doing is making citizens want looser gun laws. I'm sure the citizens don't really care about lycoris or lillybells, even after his spiel.

Super hearing as a skill is based

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I hate Majima. I hate yuri. I only love Takina

luv Chisato. luv Takina. luv Majima.

>I hate yuri
>I only love the character whose only purpose in the story is to pander to yurishit
You're not making sense user.

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He is a terrorist because no one else is a terrorist. He just wants to be different, that's why he painted his hair green.

So in other words, so that he can screw the rules.

Takina sense a disturbance from the yuri force.

Everything so far has gone according to Shinji's master plan.

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I hope Majima shot him in the dick.

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