Dragon Ball Super

Remind me again on why Goku is our hero?

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Goku calm down

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One of them tried blowing up the earth. Can you guess?

Piccolo Daimao was such a KING.
Meanwhile Granolah didn't realize someone can outwish him and let Toronbo live.

How can one man be so COOL???

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Being able to bring back the dead like this makes death so much less impactful.

>like this
It was still fine in DB because Shenron was vulnerable. Then we got Porunga then Super Shenron and now Whis goes and revives whoever he wants.

>characters are planet level
>throwing them into a building hurts them

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This was the only time death had meaning because we didn’t know Porunga could bring people back infinitely so for a while we actually thought Krillin was gone forever

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>Previously, on /db-

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That shot? Destroys Zeno

SAGEjack the WISE.

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is Cabba an adult?

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and Porunga wasn't active by that point too. Popo made the smart play wishing Guru back.

This worm SOLOS your favorite animeverse.

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Whis is the worst instance because now he can and will revive Goku and Bejita if they ever die
>but angels must remain neutr-
He has broken that rule multiple times and suffered no consequences because he’s daddy’s favorite angel

>had to turn Golden just to defeat SS2 Cabba

>We angels must remain neut-ACK!

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I know these are some of the most unpopular filler episodes ever, but seeing Bejita squirm over a worm was really funny.

Our fucking hero

I actively agree with certain posts exacly one minute after they're posted to make them look like they're samefagging.

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Their Durability isn't related to their destructive power.

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I agree

I like Goku and Bejita being friends and respecting each other. That is all.

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Everyone likes DB filler though.

>Just this once
How about when he rewinded Earth, or revealed Moro's weak spot

I agree too!

Why did Toriyama do this? Why does he keep making more and more ways for the protagonists to NOT be in danger.

i hate Goku and Bejita being friends but i like them respecting each other

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Waku Waku! Those steel beams look super strong! Let's put them to a test.

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Toriyama used the shitty excuse of "h-he did it for the food..." which is even worse, since he will revive them even for the most petty of reasons.

Even worse is The Grand Priest likes U7 AND Goku is best friends with Zeno
so if anything major were to ever happen to U7 and Beerus and Whis couldn’t handle it, you already know one of them would be there to put a stop to it “as a special favors just this once”

I’m confused did Zeno destroy just U7 or the entire multiverse in Trunks timeline
if the latter that’s kinda unfair. U7 deserves it , U10 too, but just make new angels and Gods for the other universes

>The Grand Priest

>Coloured manga.

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Would Super have been better if after BoG, Bulma made a spaceship capable of going through the Universes so that Goku and his friends could see and train with the other Universes? Kind of like GT, That way the other Universes could get explored instead of just showing the fighters of each Universe in Tournaments.

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The entire Multiverse.
Zeno is a psycho, Trunks didn't deserve that.

But they can tank a ki blast right? The same ki blast that could destroy a planet. Frieza is the best example of this


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the fact that everyone keeps coming up with the same “They should travel to other universes and explore it like GT!!!” idea proves that it is a terrible idea

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Super would've been better if it was a slow paced drama about Goku and Chi-Chi's marriage and love life

Ki Blasts aren't meant to be destructive. With your logic Kid Buu attack that destroyed Earth is weaker than Cell's Solar Kamehameha. The power comes from the attack itself, not from his destructive capacity.

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I laughed, Goku would say that.

Why? It makes sense.