Same eye and hair color

>same eye and hair color
>hairstyle is the same except for the bangs
>Tomoyo starts her first year of middle schoool in Clear Card, Homura is a transfer student in her second year of middle school
So what events happened to drive Tomoyo to change her name she transferred to a different school?

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Being too much of a cuckqueen got her hospitalised and her family had to transfer her to Mitakihara where the best cuckqueen specialists in the world were located.

What's the treatment for cuckquean syndrome?

>Pretending an expy is the same person as who they're based on
No. Post more Tomoyo.

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I mean, superficial similarities exist in all magical girl shows. It's a pretty shallow genre with few redeeming qualities after all (namely Tomoyo and Homura)

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Cock. Lots of it.

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Madokock didn't save Homura, user

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girls don't have cocks, user

punished lesbian can't take it anymore

Maybe the original season of Madoka was never real, but rather some coma dream of Tomoyo? Then she woke up, realized the power of her autism, and used it to create the labyrinth that captures Sakura, who visually takes the form of Madoka. Meduka Meguca and Rebellion are just the story of Homura's insatiable fetish for Madoka, just as Tomoyo lusts after Sakura. I don't know how this shit is supposed to work, but maybe Momoe is Kero Chan, or whatever, fuck you.

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I've only watched season 1 of Madoka, way back when it was airing, and I plan on rewatching it very soon. Is all of the other media worth the time? I know there was a bunch of movies and at the time, I was too retarded to keep track of what so I said fuck it.

fancutfag and movie 3

What are these from?

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What is she saying?

Until now I had never seen the parallel between Sakura/Tomoyo and Madoka/Homura