Why Naruto didn't banged her after these words?

Why Naruto didn't banged her after these words?

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it's a manga for kids

Her cunt is rotten.

He was only interested in her as yet another thing he could compete with Sasuke over. Once he started seeing Sasuke as someone to save instead of someone to cuck he lost all interest in Sakura

Because Naruto is a gay ass nigga

user... the advertisers

That pounded on Hinata.

Is it?

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>sakuraniggers still being this mad

Kill yourself, narutard.

Because your mother never loved you, ESL-kun.

Because he knew she was full of shit.

That was the Raikage


She didn't mean it and he knew that

She's been a bitch to him his whole life, he knows she's full of shit and doesn't love him, he's in the middle of a lot shit

Naruto rejecting Sakura and calling out her bullshit was one of the best parts of that arc.

Which was completely undone by the hyperventilation scene which was just embarrassing to read.

Only in his childhood.

He was too busy hyperventilating for his boyfriend

he saw through her lies

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