I can regenerate as long you don't blow up my entire head

>I can regenerate as long you don't blow up my entire head
>gets entire head blown up
How did this mess end up having a massive following? Even the OG DB was superior to this

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i havent read this but i would assume that microscopic pieces remained

Did he get his whole head blown off? Wasn't that an anime-only thing? And in the anime they changed his regeneration ability, describing it as Buu-tier op

He regenerated from his lower half

>IF body = microscopic pieces
>THEN regenerate from core
>ELSE regenerate from largest body part

the cell arc was based and kaczynski pilled

No, no, it literally happened when Gokuu blew him up, Yamucha actually celebrates that they killed Cell, but his chi is still there, so he regenerates. This was badly explained in general, but it's like this user assumes.

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There's a common misconception too, most assume that Cell got this "ability" from Pikoro, but that's probably not the case, it's like an inherent characteristic of him, having super sentient cells and shit. A bit of an asspull, but otherwise Gokuu can kill him easily and the instant transmission Kamehameha proved that, which would make the manga boring.

>His core literally in the penis
>He was too embarrassed to point it out, so he point in his head instead

>Even the OG DB was superior to this
>user says while posting a panel from the OG DB

Also, this declaration actually works a bit well with his plan to blow up with Earth. He kinda knew his core would resist it in a way or the other, and thus, regenerating through his first Zenkai, he would come back bein the strongest of them all Cell's versions. Of course, if there was someone there when Cell regenerated, they would have simply killed him before his regeneration finished, because it obviously took a bit of time, with that in mind, is at that time that he learns how to do instant transmission given Gokuu touched him and shit (this one is weak as fuck, but otherwise the Cell saga would've got to be prolonged more).

Indeed and Namek would have been the perfect ending.

Toriyama was going to end the series with Freezer and Goku obviously being the legendary SSJ
It was making too much money and Toriyama let them back up the Brinks truck
He phoned it in after that
The same thing happened to One Piece

because chadiyama didn't give a fuck

I remember it differently. I thought that if ANY of his body remained he could regenerate. Even if it was a tiny microscopic piece.

>It was making too much money
Toriyama was already set for life by Dr Slump before even beginning Dragon Ball.

Why are you such an ESL? Cell’s core is just a back up. It’s only relevant when there’s nothing but little pieces of him left (ie after self-destructing) outside of that he regenerates infinitely.

And look how great this turned out with Super.

I always wondered, given that Cell has Saiyan cells as part of his genetic structure, does he have the super saiyan cells or Z cells or whatever are they called?
that alone could let him achieve natural physical power ups without the need of the cores of Lapis and Lazuli.
this is retroactively talk of course.

He should have S-Cells, yes. He literally could have just trained and had fun in the future and achieved his perfect form in less time than it took stealing the time machine, reverting to his larval stage, incubating for years underground, and emerging to hunt down the androids

He regenerated from the head of his penis, of course.

Being set for life and writing the biggest manga in the world (at the time) are 2 very different things.