What went wrong?

>Fate Route
Despite the hardship, he walked unrelentlessly toward that everdistant utopia without losing sight of his love.

>Unlimited Blade Works
As he the grim conclusion of his dream, he marched forth with renewed vigor and greater conviction towards his desire to save someone else.

>Heaven's Feel
He became a cuck, abandoned his ideals, killed Saber, fucked a used up pussy, destroyed his own body, and now he has to live with an artificial body with artificial cock who can't live without his kween.

What went wrong? Why is Heaven's Feel a mistake?

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Sakura is worth it. Have you seen the size of her boobs?

>Why is Heaven's Feel a mistake?
also, they cut really important scenes

>Why is Heaven's Feel a mistake?
Not the Illya route

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>Sakura is worth it
Now I just realized that HF!Shirou, an absolute cuck and psychopath he was, let hundreds of people die for worm pussy.

Can his character get anymore butchered? Why did he go anti-villain for a used up pussy?

Reminder that Last Episode is the only true ending.

What is it about HF that turns people into raving morons, I don't get it.

>fucked a used up pussy
Purityfaggots deserve the rope

Sakura just isn't worth it.
I mean, after playing the first two routes, it's hard not to get attached to Shirou, the hardworking boy who dreams of heroism.
Given how triumphantly UBW ends, I don't blame people from going:
> "Ditch her, Shirou, she's not worth it!"

>used up pussy
Heaven's Feel, an anime virgins will never understand. True love is accepting a woman despite her past.

HF shirou is an alpha male

I'm not sure why HF Shirou is hated so much. Even if you don't like Sakura or HF as a route, Shirou's development is great. HF Shirou is the best version of him, in fact it's the only remotely acceptable one (ignoring chad Shirou in miyuverse). He overcomes his crippling autism and is able to enjoy life as a mostly normal human being.

UBW is by far the worst version of him. When faced with an impossible contradiction, he learns nothing and doubles down on hypocrisy. His relationship with Rin feels the least justified compared to Artoria or Sakura. The way he is developed in the route feels like a fanfic where every interaction with Archer massively gifts him literal years of fighting experience and physical capabilities, despite Archer himself taking around 20 years to create the reality marble after his knockoff fate route bad end. It even has the most bullshit fanfic ending where Artoria sticks around for no reason as a third wheel.

The Medusa route in my mind is the best route

robots hate to see a robot become a real human bean, and cum robots never shut about whatever drawing they are addicted to masturbating to


>He learns nothing.
Retard HF nigger alert. The point of UBW is Shirou realizing that his dream and altruism didn't just stem from traumatic bullshittery.

He followed his dream because it was RIGHT and it was BEAUTIFUL. Archer literally admitted that he FORGOT the reason of why he followed that path in the first place. He DOUBTED himself, which is why he has regrets.

Remember Shirou, at the conclusion of the UBW, learned that
>"I was not wrong."

This but Medea route.
>Shirou is the one who found her
>ditch grail war, just hole up somewhere while both get to be lovey dovey newly weds
>Medea gets treated like the princess that she is
>Shirou treats her like how Jason never did
>Shirou gets to live out his savior complex since Medea is also a purple haired with tragic backstory
>when they do need to fight, Shirou gets to do his whole women shouldn't fight thing while Medea happily buffs him

The edgiest servant I can find.
A fellow intellectual who will get my dark sense of humor.

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fuck wrong thread

What went wrong is you misunderstood the story.

I would praise pedophilia if it gave heracles more screen time