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Nozomu Itoshiki is depressed. Very depressed. He’s certifiably suicidal, but he’s also the beloved schoolteacher of a class of unique students, each charming in her own way: The stalker. The shut-in. The obsessive-compulsive. The girl who comes to class every day with strange bruises. And Kafuka, the most optimistic girl in the world, who knows that every cloud has a silver lining. For all of them, it’s a special time, when the right teacher can have a lasting positive effect on their lives. But is that teacher Itoshiki, a.k.a. Zetsubou-sensei, who just wants to find the perfect place to die?

Chapter 222: The Ground Would Rather Be Poor Than Lucky

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And that's all for today. Thanks again to everyone who showed up for the stream today. We'll reach a conclusion two weeks from now with a stream of Kakushigoto, finishing the remainder of Kumeta's animated work. This will be the TV series, not the movie. I heard there was some extra content in the movie though, so I'll try to add whatever scenes those are to the stream.
Make sure you also vote on the very final episode of Lucky Star we'll be watching before the stream:
Anyways, are there any poorer spots near you? Do you have any stories, interesting or boring, about visiting a poorer spot?

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this chapter has 0 Tsunetsuki, 1 pantyshot, 4 Uropen, 0 Amakudari-sama, 1 Miss Sakurai Yoshiko, 0 stork and baby, 1 stick dog, 1 black tear, 1 Mr. Asou Tarou, 1 Mr. Abe Shinzou, 0 eye of darkness, 1? AAA, 0 god sticker, 1 Kiyohiko, 1 Nyannyan, 1 funny sticker, 0 "The manga world shall be at peace." 0
Sento-kun, 1 Sanosuke, 1 Mr. Ishiba Shigeru, 0 Kusanagi Tsuyoshi, 1 文化庁, 1 something with various parts removed, 4 Sakai Noriko, 0 友愛, 2? gap demon, and 1 pigeon. Couldn't find the gap demon or the AAA. 文化庁 is translated to Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Thanks OP
Kafuka's been rather meddlesome these past few chapters

You left the stream without saying goodbye, countanon.

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I-Im sorry I didn't want to draw attention to myself in the middle of an ep... it was a great stream, I don't want them to end. I'll be at kakushigoto though, and then it'll be time for all the end of the year streams too

Chiri and Kafuka are kinda short aren't they?

shit i forgot the stream was today. did you guys watch the bangaichi specials and the 2012 ova?