Why are catgirls always in heat in isekai storiee?

Why are catgirls always in heat in isekai storiee?

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How will you call your catgirl?

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kill yourself, footfag

To give off pheromones and attract potential mates, see pic related

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because it's easier to rape them
but how many children will catgirls give birth to?

How does it feel to be born, Any Forums?

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good morning, i hate lazy dungeon master and it's footfaggotry with every fiber of my being

Reminder that catgirls are for anal only

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>I like Daichi too. But I like Kousai just as much. Not as a friend, but as a man.
fuck you faggots, the WN is cuckshit too!
when does MC have sex with his harem? I don't want to read this CF betrayal NTR bulllllllllllshit

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ldm had so much potential but the author hacked out

sex sex sex the lonely island

Didn't this get canned?

Most isekais do

Thanks for the review, roosterfag

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>wake up as a baby
>the very first thing in front of your face is a boobie

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isekai is only good for cockholding

>makes megane maid give him an ass-to-mouth cleanup blowjob afterwards
No wonder people read this.


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He actually fucked her straight as well, which is hilarious.

holy based

I don't speak japanese, is the song as gay as it sounds?

LIVE, footfriend.