ITT Anime tattoos

Do you guys have any anime tattoos?
I'm thinking of doing one could use some suggestions.

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No, I like going to onsen

not a fan personally

Tattoos are for trash human beings. You're better than this.

I'm sorry, but tattoos in general make you look worse.


I do, but no one knows it's from an anime because i didn't choose something retarded

Wich one? also pic?

No you're a faggot and so are all tattooed people

>Do you guys have any tattoos

tattoos are trashy, I've not once experienced anything that made me like "yeah, let me get this shit on my body so I can see it the rest of my life".

no, autist stamp

>see person with this tattoo
>"Ah hey bro nice KnY tattoo, how do you like the new season"
>uhhh, I actually never seen it I just thought the eyes looked cool, I don't watch anime or read comics


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Get a bar code on your cheek like Stiyl Magnus and get the King of Hearts crest on your hand. You might as well get the Geass Code mark on your forehead too.

The only kinds of tattoos I like are geometric patterns. Tribal tattoos tend to be my favorite visually (I like maori tatts) and because they are an expression of the person's culture so it is dumb to get them if you aren't from that culture yourself.

Pic related, traditional Croatian Catholic arm tattoos, which were used to prevent from kidnap by Ottoman Muslims to convert. Whatever you think of the tattoos visually they are more meaningful and less cringe inducing than the OP image. These babushkas can have all the trad tats they want. Anime tats are consumerist trash.

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>normalfag anime tattoos
>anime tattoos from shows normalfags haven't heard of that mean a lot to you and are subtle
Although personally I'd prefer a shirt with something only actual fans can recognise than a tattoo

I just tried to imagine if I got Ink of my favorite anime when I was 20. It would probably be something cringe like Chobits.

Tats are just an easy way to make a bad permanent decision.


I probably wouldn't be able to afford my current lifestyle if I had a tattoo of Chu

Post your 3x3

except they're no big deal to remove anymore

>having shounen garbage put it on your arm
>10 years later get taste
>have it removed with lasers
>arm is scarred like a retard
I have wanted a tattoo of Iori for over a decade though. I know I wouldn't regret that.

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Just do it at this point

Oh great, now my wife is ugly and taking roach cock

Jesus Christ, I hope none of you faggots actually get anime tattoos.

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I would have done it a decade ago. Money is the only barrier.

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I don't like cosmetics.

no but one user got frogtits

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This. Tattoos trigger the hell out of incels and thats the last thing we need

removal doesn't leave scars
it's actually only really hard to remove a tattoo now if you're dark black because it's hard for the laser to break up black tattoos on a dark brown background without fucking you up

be nice to your elders