What servant would be the best to summon in a grail war so that you actually win?

What servant would be the best to summon in a grail war so that you actually win?

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Gilgamesh yo


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My custom CK3 character

Lancelot. He has a conceptual advantage because he actually found the holy grail before. He only lost in the 4th holy grail war because Artoria was there, and she will automatically defeat him no matter what because she has a conceptual advantage over him by reason of being his king.

Bar none, Solomon. There is no better winning ticket.
Setting aside Solomon as the apex among servants, Heracles has very few weaknesses as Saber or Archer, except for the fact that he's a huge magical energy drain and low grade masters couldn't handle him.
Going beyond that there's no guarantees. Karna is a fantastic all rounder though, I guess, if you're just trying to optimize your chances of victory.
If it's specifically a Grail War in Japan, then Miyamoto Musashi can't really lose.

Nah. Karna is even more of an energy drain than herc. At least with archer her he has independent action to reduce the drain a bit.


What? Like, any historical figure?
I've only watched the fate anime so idk whos already canon, but I'd pick Agrippa. That dude carried Augustus' weedy ass through basically every military exchange under his rule. I'd also make him a cute girl so he can Agrippa my balls.

The fate arthurian legend has no holy grail quest, so no he didn't. And he lost because berserker is a shitass meme class, his master was trash, and even with anti-dragon properties excalibur is just better than arondight.

Marcus Vipsanius Agrippa shows up in Fate/Requiem but he's just part of the peanut gallery and does no fighting. He's probably pretty low rank overall due to his general lack of fame and only having one truly outstanding victory under his belt (the battle of Actium). Why not go for Julius?

I'm not very familiar with Percival, but doesn't he have the protection of the Holy Grail?

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Fuck me I guess gachashit eventually did reference the actual holy grail quest. Still Lancelot was never a part of it, and it never seemed to be explained in much detail. I don't care to look more into it.

>"By my command spell, I order you to take this seriously and ensure that any and all targets I send you to are dead before leaving."
War over in a week tops.

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Galahad did acquire the Holy Grail, but he returned it to the heavens without making a wish. His modesty made Solomon jealous.

>open ended command spell

Isn't his presence concealment cursed to deactivate right before he attacks? Assuming non-grand King Hassan, someone like Karna would probably be able to survive.