I thought that Chainsaw man being Bi-weekly means that there's going to be 2 chapters per week

>I thought that Chainsaw man being Bi-weekly means that there's going to be 2 chapters per week
>realize that it's 1 chapter every 2 weeks

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Biweekly schedule and no leaks is gonna kill this fanbase and that's a good thing

go back to wherever you came from

Why Denji Will End Up With Power; They Are Soulmates. [IN-DEPTH PROOF + EXPLANATION]

>Denji carries Power bridal style after saving her, even though he had to reason to even put his life in danger to save her in the first place.
>In Grope scene, they both shortly get turned on.
You might say that he was turned on with every girl, but just keep in mind the fact that Denji did in fact find Power attractive.
>Denji threw himself to the dolls because he thought she was about to be turned into one
This means that he was ready to sacrifice himself for her or not live if she didn't. Times Denji has preferred dying over living without Power: 1.
>Power had the cake for Denji out of her own love for him.
There was no logical reason for which Makima would have Power make or get the cake before bringing it. It would just take more time, and would be for nothing. Power must have chosen to get the cake out of her own free will as a way if showing how much she cared about Denji in another way which he might understand.
>Power sacrifices herself for Denji, doing more for Denji than any other person before.
Power is the only girl to both like Denji as well as the only girl Denji sees as more than a sexual item.
>Blood sucking on bed was Power doing the most intimate thing she knew with Denji, it was a metaphor for sex, and was obviously drawn in a very sexually suggestive.
>In the cafe, Power walked in just some guy said the perfect girl would come along for Denji.
>In dumpster, Denji admits that in order to want to live, he needs her. Denji, again, didn't want to live in a world without Power, until Power made a promise for her to come back.

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Semi-Weekly = Half a Week = two chapters a week
Bi-Weekly = Two Week = Two weeks for a chapter.

Why the bath scene actually supports Denjipowa instead of denying it:

Not feeling sexually attracted to her at that moment is irrelevant and does not disqualify possible future attraction. Power was extremely vulnerable and fragile at that moment. Love or platonic, it would be very shitty of him to feel excited at her time of need.

By the end of part 1, he had the strongest bond with power out of all the females he met, and it'll probably stay that way if he gets her back any time soon.

Narratively, being lustful has brought nothing but problems for Denji, and what I see becoming very likely in part 2 or further in the future, is him realizing that a romance coming purely out of sexual attraction isn't stable, and won't last. That realization would lead him to falling in love with the person he has the most general attraction towards: Power.

Denji not feeling exited in the bath does not mean that he couldn't fathom seeing Power in a sexual light. He's lusted after her before, proving that it is possible for him to find her attractive, though it does not necessarily prove he loves her. The fact that he likes her enough to not need sexual motivation to care of her when she needed it is more of a foundation for a real relationship than he's had with any other woman.

Fujimoto has made repeated hints and innuendos towards these two becoming an item in the future. Denji X Power is endgame.

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L + Yoru is the canon wife

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yes for some reason americans dont understand the english language and think that biweekly is the same as fortnightly

I assume you enjoy this manga because Denji is just as smart as you are

I don't get it

How did this thread make it 4 hrs?


How can Denji and Power hook up if Power is dead?

>powerpasta actually got posted
Well, haven't seen that thing in weeks. Not sure if I should be annoyed at the dredging up of old shitposts or glad there's something to talk about that isnt Shitsatards trying to force their dumb reddit ship, fujoshits or hypeposters.

God that new chapter can't come soon enough. I don't even care what's in it at this point, just something to add variety to the shitposting. Even if it's another boring Asashit chapter at least we could call Fujimoto a hack over it.

Yoru is for Asa

there is no such thing as the former

I'm pretty sure there's some shitty assembly-line Chinese webtoons that manage to update every day.
Not technically manga, but still proves it's possible if you sacrifice quality for quantity.

isnt it this way?
bi weekly = twice a week
bi monthly = twice a month

biweekly is both once every 2 weeks and twice a week

Chainsaw Man needs more double peace and a lot more kobeni

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I didn't read since first chapter of part 2 was released.
Has Denji appeared already?