Sailor Moon

Galaxia is beautiful.

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It indeed is, bro.

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If the series continued she would jobbed for sure

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Is that the one she’s based on or is it just galaxies in general?

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Is it okay to watch Sailor Moon Crystal before the original series as a complete newfag? I'm really enjoying Crystal, Sailor Mars is my favourite.

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I think most people would recommend starting with either the '90s anime or the original manga itself, but if you're already watching and enjoying it there's no reason to stop.

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How powerful is she?

I guess she's alright. For someone without black hair.

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Powerful enough to die due to a handshake filled with pure love

Make a continuation of the series where all the Sailor Senshi are milfs with huge titties.

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Crystal is ending next year with a movie, the reception wasn't as good as Toei was expecting so after the third season they just relegated the other arcs to movies and brought back one of the character designers from the 90s anime, once this is over they can do yet another reboot in a couple of years or do an alternate universe follow up ala Dragon Ball GT since Toei loves to milk old franchises dry

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Usagi? Literally one of the most powerful characters in all of anime.

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Unless you count shit like Saitama, Bobobo-Bo-Bo-bobo and Tottemo Luckyman whose whole thing is "I always win no matter what"