How would they fare if they switched series?

How would they fare if they switched series?

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I hate Subaru so much it's unreal

Subaru would just die
Shinpei wouldn't fall in love with Emilia so he wouldn't even die the first time.

Shinpei would be really happy with infinite lives, also he wouldn't give a shit about Emilia.
Subaru would just fucking cry and die lol.

I wonder how many loops the shadows would need to win definitively.

>no Ushio
>no friends or hometown to defend
Shinpei will fuck right off and either try to find a way home or continue his career as an aspiring cook.

If he doesn't try save the cop from getting killed on Night 1, less than three.

Shinpei is too competent even for his series it's unreal. Maybe because the show leans more on shonen action than the actual mystery.

He's simply noticing that all those girls have useful shonen powers and convincing them to help him fight the shadows. Nothing super special, just practical as fuck.

Subaru remains a loser

>uses a mere 10 minute loop to ditch Shide in the middle ocean so he can just run up to Hiruko and kill her
He may not be as big on action as the rest of the cast but he is definitely hard carrying the team with his planning

I feel bad for Ushio just thinking about it

>I feel bad for Mio just thinking about it

Shinpei is smarter and doesn't have a lot of mental issues as Subaru does.
Subaru barely managed to survive his own series and he always had a fresh repeat to do it all over again when he fucked up.
He wouldn't survive his save point constantly moving forward and having a certain lifespan to return back alive.
All while having an enemy who knows your power and is trying to kill you every second as his main priority.

Haven’t watched the series but I’m pretty sure he has a far easier time. The shit Subaru has to deal with while being powerless is damn near impossible to resolve

Summer Time Render has a much lower overall power level and a clearer objective. The hard part is that if you can't achieve it in three days and ten loops while an invincible pedophile who knows what you did in your last loops is hunting your ass down then you're automatically dead.

Shinpei is smarter but Subaru is more drastic, Subaru would either go the schizo route trying to "fix" everything 100% solo or find a way to fuck back to Hokkaido.
Shinpei would probably get stuck in that since in Re:Zero he'd have no support, no net, and no information. He wouldn't even be able to read.
Summer time Rendering is a lot more forgiving in that record, plus the erasing whale or ten second time limit.

Subaru will be fine if he has the guts to kill himself and doesn't spend an excessive amount of time recoiling from each death

Shinpei probably wouldn’t even try to save Emilia and would just get frozen over and over again in the Capital by Puck until he eventually figures out what’s going on. He also doesn’t seem to have the supernatural willpower Subaru does (though he is much smarter).

>find a way to fuck back to Hokkaido
Hopefully he doesn't try this because he'll either be ganked in the water by the shadows patrolling the ferry/ocean or die along with the rest of the world when Shide steals the eye and destroys the world.

Subaru killed him self a bunch of times and had to be talked down from doing it because the people that cared about him wouldn’t want that

Iirc, Subaru is probably physically stronger than Shinpei, which is kind of funny to think about.
If they fought each other, Subaru would most likely win. What Subaru lacks in intelligence he makes up for in mental illness.
He'd try it at least a couple of times. Finding out that it was all for nothing would be a pretty Re:Zero thing to do. Basically did happen in arc 6.

>entire cast, MC, allies, and villains included, is completely schizophrenic over whether they should protect or murder Shinpei
Subaru will be in for a hell of a ride.

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