Dragon Ball Super

Black Freeza? A non-issue.

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Ultra Vegito? One-shotted by Cell Platino.

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Saiyans? Can't breathe in space.

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Bra > Pan

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Unused Buu arc Gohan designs.

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That's a pretty neat outfit, a bit of everyone from Gohan's life is kind of referenced.

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Hamtaro lost.

Last one.

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Pictured is Goku's second wife.

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Goku is so lucky...

But didn't Vegeta blow up a bug planet from space?

I fucked that girl.

OZARUku fucked THIS?!?!

Hey Bejita, don't drop the soap.

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What is Goku thinking?

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FILL to the ER. Saiyans can't breathe in space.

Do you hope for a new form for Cell when he comes back, or just a power up?

I like this one. Should have went with it. I always disliked how Gohan's hair was basically the same as his SS hair.


My heroes from my series.

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What does this fanfiction have to do with Dragon Ball Super?


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>Man I really hope Yamcha or Tien could help me with my kiss problem

>All these fanarts that purposely make the hair shorter because they know deep down it's retarded otherwise

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Goku: Totally OK and supportive of them
Bejita: Initially shocked but accepts them very quickly
Chichi: At first sad Pan won’t give her a great grandkid but is ultimately supportive
Bulma/Gohan/Goten/Trunks: Same as Goku
Videl: Appears supportive at first but soon breaks down wondering why it had to be HER daughter. She doesn’t come to the wedding

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...and Bejita.

What the hell was Toriyama thinking?

>when he comes back


I don't mind Vegeta in GT.

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>I sure wish I was with Bulma

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>Goku masters Super Saiyan, being in an enraged and agitated state is not necessary anymore, on the contrary, it makes the transformation stronger
>Goku masters UI; emotions are now allowed and being in a blank state of mind isn't necessary anymore

I mean, I know you hate the manga, but c'mon...

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>What the hell was Toriyama thinking?
Great things.

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>Goku masters UI for the 5th time
Hack? OTARO!

Goku's whitewashing in Z needs to be answered for.

>I mean, I know you hate the manga, but c'mon...

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Hold up. I'm gonna called the based department. Don't go anywhere.

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Imagine if he blew up Toei like that one Kyoani guy

Goku and Vegeta are light-skinned.


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>Great thi-ACK

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>Whis does not tell Goku to make his own version and helps him "improve" MUI yet it still has issues somehow
>UI can be used on his weaker forms but that was pointless
>Uhhh...lets make him be able to use his emotions because uhh...
SS1 to MSS was simple and straightforward in Toyo's SHITnga it's a fucking mess.

This SCREAMS for a PSYCHOku edit.

>non canon trash

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The SHITnga? ProMOEtional FILLER!

>Traces the Cell arc
>Can't get it right
Dumb hack.

>posts non canon events
Uh... okay?

Yeah I legitmately have no fucking idea what Toyotaro is doing with UI anymore, he made it unnecessairly convoluted.

Gohan TANKED that

Fusion Reborn is more canon than RoF.

facts, if he’s a low class saiyan, he should have had darker skin like a lot of the poorer east asians


>Goku trains to be able to use Super Saiyan as if it was base to be able to awaken something beyond the regular SS form (Grade 5)
>Goku trains to perfect the Ultra Instinct but it doesn't matter because his mind needs to be in a blank state, so he drops down to sign (ala Goku alternating between Blue and God) and he's somehow stronger because of shit writing

>stronger than the strongest human

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The movie was a huge success.

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They're cowards.

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>being in an enraged and agitated state is not necessary anymore

It never was necessary. At some point in his fight with Freeza Goku was even cocky and making fun of of him. But the comparison doesn't even start to make sense since UI is a technique and SS is a transformation.


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Bra is for Goku

>True Ultra Instinct
>Goku never auto-dodges anything with it

There is a big fucking reason, Toriyama did not make Goku use it in Broly and Super Hero. UI is meant to be a big achievement for Goku and making him use it and job constantly undermines what Super was foreshadowing from the start. Toyo does not get that and ruins it.

Brains over muscle, darling. The same way an atomic bomb deals more damage than a roided guy.

>Actual non canon trash

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>no greentexting arrow


The GODvie? Broke records.

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He has angel style UI, the usual one, and saiyan style UI, which is way less defensive but more aggressive and can be used at full capacity even when he's not 100% calm, it's pretty simple.

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Good thing CHADroes respects UI instead.

How did you get this image of the next arc?


That’s the SHIToei CG. In canon Gohan’s hair only stands up more.

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>toyoretardo made UI a transformation rather than a state of body/mind like kaioken

How do we fix this?

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CHADoei knows what they are doing like always.

>Grade 5
Thanks for reminding me of this: desuarchive.org/a/thread/241708030/#241712553
I kekydoody.


JOBma 2? Died like BITCH.

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>saiyan style UI, which is way less defensive but more aggressive
So... Just Super Saiyan Black?

That's fucking retarded.

lmao that post came to mind
I hope it's not the same dude

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>Toriyama did not make Goku use it in Broly and Super Hero.
True, it looked like he almost activated against Broly but he didn't, which shows he was still struggling with it. It keeps the divine mystique and specialness that ultra instinct had in the anime. Toyotaro has completely nerfed and ruined it. More proof that the manga isn't canon.

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But what if the roided guy has his own atomic bomb?

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>mentally jobbing to a children's story
Toyo is too intelligent for you.

You do realize that people can and do get tanned, right?

The Rock? Stronger than SS Goku.