Lycoris Recoil

surprise motherfucker

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we all love takina here

we all laugh at jobkina here

Always keep the promises you make to the woman you love.

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What the fuck are those sparkles

What's the problem with Takina not being able to handle Majima? We know she's supposed to be weaker than both him and Chisato, she's not a red lycoris nor an Alan Child. The fact that she goes for it anyway for Chisato's sake despite the disadvantage is great.

Hope they both die

Takina shine

joker and robota, that is

Takina is literally us and Joker is literally Majimacucks.

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glass from the window that was in front of the metal that was lowered.

gay magic (from busting through the metal)

I love pottery

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This. All male characters needs to die.

The kira kira special effect that appears when a girl(Chisato) sees someone they love so much(Takina).

Just watched the episode

Why did that random salaryman shoot at the Lycoris on the street?

Yuri is so disgusting

He was feed up with society.

Because he represents delusional Joker and his fags.

He thought the school girl was going to kill him and he panicked in terror at the thought of his death.
which she just might have

If you watched it, you should have realised that the retarded writing was all over the place.

He's unironically a Majimafag.

Funny joker man told him to do it

Would a flashbang basically neutralize both Chisato and Majima's special abilities?

He died a free man.


Also can someone link all the earlier threads again

Thanks in advance

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Guns kill people.

>Shizo this Shizo that
>Het this homo that
>Bad writing good writing
>Pretending you just watched the episode to repeat the same discussion 3 threads in a row
Were the PriPri threads this bad when it was airing?

But sadly not disgusting enough to keep cynical teenagers from watching this show and visiting these threads.

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