Angel Beats

Did you like Angel Beats?

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I beat my angel if you catch my drift

Loved it. Good comedic show and lots of respect for Otonashi.

Little Busters ripoff

TK anime when?

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i love anal beads

Was enjoyable. Played the 1st beat VN. Wish they continued with beats 2 - 6. Annoying plot holes though. Like stuff involving why Otonashi comes to the afterlife after Kanade (programmer theory doesn't make sense). Also the criteria for people to disappear.

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Yes. But it could've been even better if the visuals were more consistent and it wasn't so rushed.

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It needed 24 episodes

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I just want them to finish the fucking story in some form.

VN gets cancelled
Manga gets cancelled
Anime is cut short

what the fuck?

The programmer and the shadows kind of sucks. I have wondered if he was a quick solution to the problem of needing a villain plot to defeat in less than one episode. He makes more sense as some person who was there in the distant past that figured out how to make cheats in the world and made Angel Player that people now are abusing to get superpowers.

This is what happens when you release a VN like 6-7 years after the anime.
What the fuck were they thinking, for people's interest to be kept over half a decade from a 12 episode anime? Bullshit, the anime glaringly needed some substance for the rest of the cast yet they only managed to do that for like 5 characters max.

Yuri makes for a better antagonist. She is the main reason everyone is on some mission to kill God, the VN even proves this with the discussion at the end where Otonashi asks the rest of 3S if they really want to do that or care at all, or if they are just going along with what Yuri tells them to do.

The whole thing makes more sense if it was just all a misunderstanding made from Yuri's extreme want for revenge. Or set up by her to satisfy her want to avenge her family against God. And that there was never any programmer or shadows at all. Or make her the programmer setting events up to so she can go fight God while basically being crazy and manipulative.

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I loved My Soul Your Beats, the ED, and Yui/LiSA's songs, but Angel Beats itself was disappointing. Like what many people said, it should have been two cours, although frankly I'm skeptical two cours would have been enough either knowing how Maeda writes originals.

I had hoped for a lengthy remake like how Kanon had a 12 episode series then a proper 24 episode series a few years later.

But yeah I just want to know more about the rest of the cast. I have noticed how the band has so much more presence in the rest of the side material than the actual anime. In the anime they are just kind of there and have 1-2 speaking parts. They have a whole chapter in the VN, are really present in the two OVA episodes, and have a lot of chapters dedicated to them in the manga.

I did, then I watched Little Busters and thought, wait a minute

discount Haruhi is also great. She deserves her own anime.

I think the programmer and shadows were defintely the writers band aid ending to a longer story than they could animate. They didn't even acknowledge the time weirdness of Otonashi dying assumedly decades before Kanade yet Kanade being in limbo for decades before he arrived. Having that sort of plot hole associated with the main character and the main heroine is just... there's no way the writers could forget. It was probably meant to lead to a big reveal type thing, like Otonashi as the programmer who gave himself amnesia (which explains why his is special).

If they ever do make the next VN expansions, I bet the timeline explaination will be that Kanade had multiple wishes to work through and once she was at the final wish, Otonashi was brought into the world so Kanade could disappear. Though that doesn't explain why Otonashi would be available so long after he died. And it wouldn't explain why Otonashi doesn't disappear after Kanade's wish is fulfilled.

I agree Yuri would have made a good end villian, if she just had more flaws hinted at in the story leading up to that. Something like if she wasn't willing to accept the fact that Kanade was human, even after coming to that conclusion logically. And this is kind of an anime trope thing, but the harsh nature of her punishments that were played for laughs wouldn't be funny at all, I mean, starving people to death?

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The timeline thing kind of works when you take the time situation in Little Busters. They relived the same 3 months a few hundred times in the span of about 5ish minutes in real world time. So apparently there is some kind of time fuckery happening between the real world and the afterlife.

And the person in the programmer room mentioned how sometimes a person that is not supposed to be there will appear there. So Otonashi was never supposed to show up and was likely summoned there by Kanade wanting to thank him.

Went from 0-100 too fast near the end. Still incredibly well made through despite pacing issues.