Has any manga ever fallen off harder and faster in sales than Jujutsu Kaisen?

Has any manga ever fallen off harder and faster in sales than Jujutsu Kaisen?

Losing 200k+ readers with every new volume, this is unprecedented. What went so wrong?

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Wan Piss
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The anime generated a ton of hype and then they stopped making the anime for too long

combination of a general push towards quantity over quality to make a quick buck and people having less and less attention span or ability to comit to something has combined to make it so things 'burn out' in popularity much faster then before. you're never going to see a "big three" again because the idea of people being big fans of something for a decade is impossible

Or maybe, just maybe, it's simply because the manga fell off after Shibuya and the culling games are even worse than Wano? Have you ever conisdered the fact that people won't continue to buy a manga that keeps getting worse and worse?

You have to correct for the anime not airing and the hype post-movie dying down. You also have to take into account how the other series on the same genre are doing when it comes to sales, both in absolute numbers and in percentual increase / decrease of sales. Otherwise you're being disingenuous.

>You have to correct for the anime not airing and the hype post-movie dying down.

Volume 20 is the worst selling volume after the anime has started airing. Readers obviously just don't like the current direction of the manga anymore, otherwise they wouldn't drop like flies.

JJK readers hate when you play the switch game

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The only reason this volume isn't selling well is because of the cover. Nobody wants to bring that to a cashier, they would giggle and remember it for the rest of the month. You'd have to throw it away when you're done reading it because that isn't going on a bookshelf.

>Or maybe, just maybe
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Care to elaborate further?

JJK readers hate when anons pull this complicated procedure, that is all

>Losing 200k+ readers
they were old and died

What? You aren't making any sense.

Don't worry, sales will go up once season 2 happens. Gojo's past and Shibuya are the 2 best arcs in the manga.

/s forgive me sir I was being goofy

Could be both. I dropped JJK too but I also noticed that almost every hype dies soon these days and that the mass usually only jumps in to read the manga where the anime ends and stop one or two arcs later (or slightly more if the arcs are short) because after a year or so there is already the next hype they have to get into again. I often notice that with series I like that the majority of art a series gets is from the adapted parts and a few arcs later and then nothing, unless a certain ship from the later parts became popular for some meme reason.

I am so glad golden kamuy covers were always just some guys shooting and not any of the many naked guys depicted in the manga. Still regret when someone caught me reading it when I was just looking at an unfavourable scene though.

Wanpiss has lost more sales in the last decade than JJK ever had.

One Piece is gaining readers while Fujo kaisen is losing readers and will continue to lose readers until Mappa saves this dead manga with another season

And JJK0 flopped right?