Horror Any Forums shit

It's that time user.

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>It's that time
Witching hour?
Isn't that midnight?

Are you Russian?

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i stoipped being sacred about ghost stories and such after i read that Any Forums greentext about a jacked dude exorcising his apartment

things like hikari club make me sick to my stomach though, i dont recommend it

I've been reading a collection of short stories by Go Nagai. Pretty kino stuff, but the fanservice is a bit out of place imho.

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sounds like a

Source on the reason I won't be able to sleep tonight?

No such thing


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Me checking up on my latest patient (she has tonsilitis so is saying aahhh so I can inspect the back of her throat)

I hate that spooky seldom translates to anime. Glad it can work in manga at least.

I don't understand the last panel

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Super Scary Zombie

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None of this is scary
Are you underage?

Do you actually get scared from horror movies/books/whatever? I've been into horror movies since I was a little kid and I have not found anything that scared me in a very long time. I still like horror though, it is a good distraction from the things in life that are actually scary.

I don't care. If American horror cinema tend to use fanservice why not manga?
Also fapping while scared is fun. I wish there's actually full blown horror h-manga without utilizing guro.

I finished reading Freesia today, and although I wouldn't really describe it as horror, it definitely had quite a few unsettling moments.

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Horror does not work in manga format unless it's an anthology of short stories.

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The funny guy

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Those Korean webcomics with the jump scares were pretty fun. There was one that suddenly turns on your phone’s camera to make it look like there’s a ghost with you.

>allowing some random gook website permission to use your camera
That's the real horror story.