Record of Ragnarok

What do you think of Lucifer and his buddies?

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shoulda gone back

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Luci-kun is hot.

I kinda dropped it at Buddha but now I am not even interested in RoR
Making a fucking Beelzebub a ”edgy teen who has dangerous evil side” and fucking three angels his buddies and lilith just to die is fucking lame
Just lame and boring
Like how many sadfic backstories you can make before it gets vomit-inducing???

diminishing returns, the manga has been doing the same formula for too long now, we shoulda moved on from the fights and have the tournament be derailed already.

Are they trying to make me give a shit about Beelzebub?

Read it for based Tesla

>the manga has been doing the same formula for too long now
I disagree, the manga has gotten progressively worse with the backstories straying further and further from what you'd want from the headcanon backstories for each character ever since Jack and it's gotten bad to the point that we went from a bunch of fanfiction about a character with barely a background to having Bishamon and his 5 OC Donut Steel forms and Beelzebub backstory just being a bunch of isekai tier characters slapped together and sharing nothing but the name of religious figures.

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>no Beelzebub you are the Satan

>derail the tournament
>ruin all of the hype and speculation people have been going on about for years and since the beginning of the fucking series
Kill yourself for such an atrocious disgusting idea. The series lives and dies on this premise and that is final.

Any more panels of Aphrodite titflesh yet? It's the only aspect of this manga I care about.

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They were boring.

she has a panel in #68

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He's going to give humanity their next win, right guys?

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>last chapters were so ridiculous the scanlators dropped the manga out of shame

I dropped at Hades' death, did things really get worse?

So either
>Beezelbub falls in love with Tesla since he's a Lucifer proxy, but ends up killing him too
>Tesla uses science to diagnose Beezelbub as a grade A schizo and makes him take his night night pills

If he couldn't beat Edison then he's definitely not beating fly boy.


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This chapter was cringey as hell

yes but Lilith has big tits so whose to say if it was bad.

They are definitely not drawing that armor for a second fight

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