Bleach Catch up Storytime Volume 36 part 2


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Name one thing Hiyori did wrong.


Sex. Sex with Hiyori.

Food fighting other arrancar with Lilynette.

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hiyori bros where are we at


Not Barragan.

American Hiyori

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MAKE SOME FACKING PLANS (keikaku in soul society)

She's captain.
She's noble.
Prison is indirectly under her supervision.
She governs squads that put people in prison.
Rules work however she interpretes them.

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Pigtails. She should do fluffy sexhair like Pendulum Mashiro.

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huh? Is Hisagi going to be important or something?

So what did Aizen do before he joined the Shinigami? How did his massive power level go unnoticed?

that sounds bad

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user, bad news; from this point on Viz butchering is going to be painful to watch.

Shotachad volume.

Yes do not take your attention off of him for even a second.

He likely mastered suppressing it when he was young. He's a genius thinker, after all.

How bad are we talking here?

even more than already is? pls say sike right now

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Kubo coloring?! Man....

4kids tier.


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You'll see in a bit.

It shows generations.

no pls i don't know if i can take it

>woah that would look really cool on my face

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Cute retard Mashiro

Ultragay ngl

that's so stupid

Man, Kensei is too cool to be relegated into a jobber.

Wow we finally know the super secret origin of his super secret tattoo

>kensei is the 69th arrancar

Why does he have 69 tattood on his chest?

Enjoy Shinji with an absurd Scouse accent.

i know user, i feel your pain

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Mashiro's thinkgen face is adorable

Sex gimmick
>Hey babe you know what I want to do?????
>*pulls off shirt*

Honestly it sounds like a penalty for losing a bet

Kensei has the kanji for 6 in his name, and hes captain of the 9th division

Kensei 69's Mashiro.

>hot dumb bimbo as assistant captain
What else do you want, a picture made with crayons?

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Kensei saw the guy he admired having the 69 tattoo on his ankle.

u wot m8


But why 69?

did mayuri and hiyori ever interact during the present times

Uh oh

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Nemu was created to be the anti-Hiyori.

4 cute girls and ugly mayuri

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>live action
>new anime?
Cancelled again soon

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>this tiny flatchested bitch is the most annoying thing I've ever dealt with, if only I had the opposite of her around to help me
>say, that gives me an idea...

Starrk's shark

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Imagine Mayuri being sent.

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Blushing Hiyori is cute

>check raws
>Hiyori actually calls Urahara Kisuke

he looks suspicious

>You now know why Akon is VC now
Everyone fucking dabbing on Hiyori lmao

>damn i wish i could see

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>both blonde VCs are lazy bimbos and borderline stupid

>hiyori cant stand fags

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Akon is a good boy

based akon educating this useless mong of a lieutenant

Too suspicious