The hiatus alliance

Post series that had or are on a break

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Ruri had six short chapters, the fuck does the author need a break for

Vagabond bros how we feeling? Any news about Inoue, is he sick, is he planning on coming back after the Slam dunk movies?

Frieren is on break apparently

it's over

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I want Ninny to sit on my face.


Back next week
With anime announcement

>hunterkeks still exist

>With anime announcement
not sure if I should be hype. do we know who's animating?

More news soon

the author had major health complications

It hurts

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Iirc I'm pretty sure he's said it's over in no uncertain terms.

Iris Zero is probably never getting another chapter ;_;
Also found out a while back the artist's Twitter account was deleted. I should really forget everything about the series but it was just such a good read when it was active that I feel like it could have gotten big enough to warrant an anime if it never went on hiatus and keep trucking along. But such is life, nothing ever goes according to plan.

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We're the chads of Any Forums.

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Which comes back first?

>ends in a cliffhanger
>3 years no update

What the fuck happened?

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Gon is the cutest


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