Why are all pink haired girls such whores

Why are all pink haired girls such whores

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Your mom is a whore.

>Why are all pink haired girls such whores
And mostly yanderes

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Says the virgin that lives in south america

>And mostly yanderes
Because it just works. I don't get it but its just too fitting.

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But that's wrong

Blondes = Whores
Blue = Dull
Pink = Pure
Green = Clown
Red = Best

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Meduka is as pure as the white snow

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The stereotype in Japan is that pink hair equals slut. They're called "inran pinku", which means slutty pink.

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If she's pink she's a slut. I don't make the rules.

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why so specific?

Genkai doesn't seem very whorish
but she did take Toguro's gigachad cock for a while

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Shut up nigger

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They aren't sluts compared to the IRL pink haired teenboys.

Black hair>>>>>>All

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i cant believe Sunny and Aubrey's Heart Throbbing Love Life got an anime

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sakura blossoms are pink and represent the bright but brief flash of youth
so yeah, the pink hair is supposed to be a not so subtle personality hint to the nips that "this girl is very willfull and impulsive" aka slut.

the only other thing nips do with pinkies is the exact opposite to get some of that gap moe for her being slut-coded but not slut acting

its like when hollywood wants to immediately give you the impression this character is a tough guy, so they dress them up in leather jacket and smoke cigarettes with giant shoulders/arms. and then when they want to reverse that they reveal this guy operates an animal shelter or something like that.
Same kinda thing

you wanna die?

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pink hair girls are the best

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You think pink haired anime girls are bad? Try pink haired vtubers.

How much porn would we have of young Genkai had YYH aired today?

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