You're making her uncomfortable

You're making her uncomfortable.

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That's quite the deformed body, hopefully she gets professional help.

She got her legs amputated at Cold Harbor. Took solid shot from a Napoleon gun tight to the shins.

Not my fault that you have a nice ass and a wonderful pair of legs and a decent chest to boot

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I'm about to make her ass uncomfortable

Delicious Rikka soles! Can't wait for a proper wallpaper of that.

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based rikka making low test mne mad

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I will never stop fapping to this; there is no doubt that it is, by a mile, the best official art of the past decade.

Yeah, I get that alot.

Just give me a minute, I'm almost done.

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She should make herself comfortable on my face then.

Yuuta is such a lucky guy

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what did she mean by this

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Too weak. Her fully nude one is miles better.