Chainsaw Man

canon btw

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Fucking faggot I hate you so much, what did I tell you about making new threads until chapter drops?

We love Asa here

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Diaperji selfinserters literally cant compete with godshida.

are you gonna punish me daddy?

Makina is dead.
Aki is dead.
Power is dead.
They will not retain their original personalities as the Nayuta or the new blood/gun fiend.
You will never see them again

shit op shit thread

Why do they suddenly use phones now? Wasnt it a deliberate choice by Fujimoto to not include them in his setting? Why did he change his mind

he forgot because he's a hack


meant for

>Good characters dead
>Denji flanderized and his development from p1 ruined.
>Asa more like snoozesa
>Yuko more like whoko
>Yoshida is for fujobucks and yumes (who will get cucked since Asa will probably get paired with the inferior male selfinsert)
>Nayuta more like written off.
The war devil arc is going to kill the manga.


Reze movie


biweekly schedule

Flanderizedji, Shitsa, lack of Nayuta (who might also be shit like Denji, but she is our last hope now)

12 episode anime season

>call Chainsaw man your flagship franchise
>12 eps and a movie

>Makina is dead
don't fucking remind me
I like nayuta but part of me resents fujimoto's choice to essentially mind wipe a character and reset her development when everything that happens to nayuta could also have happened to makima. I think the "ShE KilLEd tOO ManY PeOpLe" to recieve salvation is one of the biggest copes in existence and the type in general is all-too-prevalent in manga

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trope in general*


Cell phones already existed in the 90s what he meant were the smartphones not cell phones in general.

>pretty underwhelming, too SoL focused chapters with not many interesting characters or moments
>Denji's regressed character
>Crappa with their retarded policy of doing 12 episodes and movies
>bi weekly
Pick your poison. Though it's a good thing, maybe less retards will spam these threads

Power was the worst of the bunch since it just happened abruptly with not much afterthought or lasting impact. Aki kinda had deathflags all over his face and his arc wrapped up nicely. Makima was obvious that she was gonna die

Retards will shitpost no matter how good a chapter is. If you look through the archive people were saying the manga was shit during the ducking darkness devil and family burger chapters

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isnt it kinda bit too late to be doing revisionism now

Why did Lazimoto not only rehash >le badass female horsemen but also gave them the same eye design?

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How did Denji went from this to the one we see in the new chapter? Did Fuji do it on purpose? Why is he so flanderized? Is part 2 gonna be a comedy?

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>Makima was obvious that she was gonna die
I completely agree with Aki and Power as well. On one hand, with Makima, I recognize that quite literally the only way for her character to develop was for her to be completely and utterly beaten by someone—basically, to die. I can't help but think that reseting character development is a cope though; its obvious that they intend for Nayuta to complete Makima's development but this conceptually falls short for a number of reasons. The most telling is that Nayuta will never have to work through letting go of control if she is raised well: it is much more profound to make the choice to tramscend your base nature if you have already succumbed to losing yourself to it. Nayuta will (presumably) never lose to her base nature because she will be given ample "hugs" etc....

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3 more days...I need my Asa/Yoru fix

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>reset her development.
To be fair, he did that to Denji too without reincarnating him.

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